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Making better homes for everyone: Discover GROHE’s portfolio of touchless technologies for advanced hygiene demands

More than ever, we are looking for intelligent solutions hat add real value to our daily lives. Demographic change and global crises such as pandemics have changed consumer behavior. Cross-generational approaches and hygiene-promoting solutions are therefore becoming increasingly important.
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The kitchen is the center of social interaction, where multitasking takes on a new dimension: juggling kitchen tasks, chatting with family, and setting the table at the same time. But the kitchen can also be the perfect breeding ground for germs – for example when preparing raw food like fish or chicken. That is why a careful handling of food and hand hygiene are essential here.

Smart kitchen solutions with innovative push-operation – such as GROHE SmartControl – add a real benefit to our daily routines in terms of convenience and hygiene. Just push with your wrist or elbow. It couldn’t be more simple.
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Kitchens are hands-on places, where hands do not always stay clean. Why not make life easier for yourself with a touch-activated tap? GROHE has developed innovative kitchen solutions that let you control the flow of water without using your hands, making your kitchen more hygienic, convenient, and instinctive to use.
Handsfree Kitchen
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The future is touchless. Especially in a sensitive area like the bathroom, hygiene plays a crucial role in staying healthy. In times of global pandemics, hand hygiene takes on even more importance, as a single touch can already transmit germs.

Therefore, consumers are increasingly seeking intelligent solutions that offer additional benefits to make their life more hygienic. With its innovative touchless technology, GROHE takes hand-washing efficiency and comfort to a whole new level. The infrared sensor detects hand movement so water only runs when it’s needed – perfect for the bathroom at home or busy public spaces.
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Discover GROHE’s large selection of infrared touchless products for basins, WCs, and urinals – the ideal way for young and old to protect against germs and cross-contamination wherever we use running water.
Touchless Faucets

Hygenic solutions for public areas

Especially in public areas, smart solutions for added hygiene have become more important than ever.

Whether you are outfitting an office block, a factory, or a stadium, GROHE touchless solutions are here to help. Smart solutions for basins, showers, WCs, and urinals with benefits like thermal disinfection and hygienic flushing offer additional hygiene and relieve worries.
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Sparkling cleanliness is what we expect from our bathroom ceramics. Especially the toilet is a place where soiling and bacteria are not uncommon. A surface coating like GROHE PureGuard, which consists of long-lasting ions with an antibacterial effect, prevents bacteria growth.

Rimless WCs and specific flushing technologies like the Triple Vortex Flush, which creates a powerful vortex effect that leaves nothing behind, help keep the bathroom clean and healthy.

Discover a new kind of cleanliness for your most private skin care needs with GROHE Sensia Arena. By using just water, the shower toilet harnesses the natural ability of water to refresh and cleanse your skin in even highly intimate areas. A smart helper especially for people with restricted mobility.

Sensia Arena

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More hygiene, more safety: The perfect add-on for every need

With the versatile GROHE Eurosmart product variants, everyone finds a smart solution for their individual needs. If a little extra support is needed in daily care routines, specifically designed solutions offer a superior grip and thus better handling. Additional health and safety benefits ensure individual comfort and convenience for every generation and age.

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Hygiene has become an increasingly important topic in our everyday lives, and institutions, such as doctors' offices, require further hygienic measures. Hands-free operation with long lever options makes it easy to minimize the risk of contamination, ensuring additional hygiene where it is needed.
Eurosmart Bath & Care
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