GROHE Everstream

GROHE Everstream

The future of sustainable showering: water-recirculating shower GROHE Everstream

  • Setting a new benchmark in GROHE’s sustainable portfolio: New shower hygienically treats, reheats and reuses water

  • Combining “Pure Freude an Wasser” with eco-consciousness: For a 10-minute shower, GROHE Everstream uses up to 75% less water and up to 66% less energy—saving a family of four over €1,300 a year (1)

  • Enabling the global brand to help mitigate water scarcity: One in three Europeans is affected by water stress in an average year (2)

Düsseldorf, January 29, 2024 – GROHE, a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, is continuously expanding its range of bathroom and kitchen products that promote efficient water use and facilitate sustainable living. Among its innovative offerings is GROHE Everstream, a water-recirculating shower designed to deliver the expected showering experience while minimizing the consumption of fresh water and energy.
In summer 2024, the shower will be introduced on the market as an exclusive offering for selected partners.

GROHE Everstream is equipped with a recirculating mode, in which the water collected in the drain is pumped into a circuit that maintains the desired temperature and hygienically treats the water.
This mechanism allows the shower to utilize as little as a quarter of the water and a third of the energy typically required by conventional models. This translates into cost savings of up to 65% annually for a household of four, coupled with a remarkable reduction of up to 70% in CO2 emissions (3). The introduction of this environmentally conscious shower not only aligns with GROHE’s dedication to sustainability, but also addresses the growing need for responsible water and energy consumption in modern households.

How it works

GROHE Everstream stands as a testament to the positive impact of home technologies in shaping individual contributions to conservation. This innovative shower system redefines the showering experience by dividing it into three distinct stages, empowering users to revel in the pleasure of a shower while also minimizing water waste.

  1. The user starts the shower with fresh water, as with any conventional shower.

  2. Once the user has finished using the shampoo or soap, they can switch modes. The water collected in the drain after switching is pumped into a circuit that maintains the desired temperature and hygienically treats the water. This crucial step represents not only a sustainable approach to water consumption but a commitment to a sanitary environment as well.

  3. After use, the shower self-cleans, preparing it for the next user.

Making water efficiency attractive

As part of LIXIL’s strong brand portfolio, GROHE’s sustainability activities and product developments are embedded in LIXIL’s Environmental Vision, which calls for Zero Carbon and for Circular Living. Water sustainability is one of the focus areas here. The goal is to help people enjoy water while ensuring its sustainable use on a global scale in order to have a positive impact on the planet. In the pursuit of circular water consumption, GROHE Everstream marks a significant advancement in technology – taking the brand’s portfolio to the next level.


(1) Based on 300 10-minute showers per person per year, depending on individual shower habits
(2) European Environment Agency:
(3) Depending on individual shower habits


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Contact Card_Natalie Kujat

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