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Ghana: The first GIVE Program school in North West Africa.

The Accra Technical Training Centre (ATTC) is a vocational / technical co-educational institution located at Kokomlemle in Accra. ATTC was conceived as a joint project by the Governments of Ghana and Canada.

We are one of the leaving TVET providers in Ghana that delivers theoretical and practical instruction for the training of Business, Industry and other occupations that may be required from the private sector. The centre was opened in July 1966 and handed over to the Ghana Government in March 1972.

Over the years ATTC has churned out countless number of technicians operating almost all industries in the country. Our main objective is to train people for Ghana’s industrial needs. In November 2021 we joined forces with a the global brand GROHE and opened the first GIVE Program school in North West Africa. We are really looking forward to this exciting collaboration and we will have over 100 hundred a year pass through the program. We are also proud to help GROHE bridge the skills gap not only in our country but across the world.

Further school openings