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Centrum Szkoleń  Branżowych ZDZ  in Olsztyn

Centrum Szkoleń Branżowych ZDZ in Olsztyn is the youngest and the most modern vocational education institution established by the Warmia and Mazury ZDZ in 2015. At the same time it is the oldest institution, because the first plans to create it took place when the W-M ZDZ was established in 1992.

The largest in the region and one of the few in Poland centres of practical training of construction workers has opened its doors.

Centrum Szkoleń Branżowych ZDZ is also a place that shares the same motto as GROHE: "We train people with passion!”. Together we can provide a better future for young installers.

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Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego in Warsaw

Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego in Warsaw has been existing since 20 years. It was established on the basis of workshops of Mechanical School Complex No. 1, which was built in 1920. In the interwar period and during the occupation students gained practice in workplaces, and in this period the school graduated 1040 people, and during the occupation 468 people. In 1954 school received permission to move to a newly constructed building at 1/5 Mińska street. Teachers, pupils, and school employees with their own strength, without the help of cranes and transport devices, moved the equipment of the training departments to the new premises. This ambition, dedication and willingness to spread knowledge is the essence of this institution. GROHE wants to be part of this great initiative.

Now CKZ is an Examination Centre cooperating with the District Examination Commission and the Central Examination Commission. Year to year there are over 100 students from installation and building profile classes.