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The New Wave 2023

The New Wave of GROHE water experiences

Exploring the GROHE X Summit 2023 was like discovering different facets of water. Just as water undergoes a cycle, our exploration led us through various dedicated experiences and portfolios, each with its unique benefits and qualities.

Our expedition started in the heart of Milan, the fashion and design capital of Italy. Here, we immersed ourselves in GROHE SPA, a dedicated portfolio designed to redefine the concept of "Health Through Water." The highlight of our Milan Design Week experience was the GROHE SPA Installation at the prestigious Pinacoteca di Brera gallery. This awe-inspiring installation transformed the gallery into a breathtaking showcase of wellness innovation. It was an opportunity to transform our homes into personalized wellness retreats, where every drop of water became a source of unparalleled comfort. This remarkable installation has been recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Award Best of Best: Brands and Communication Design, a testament to its groundbreaking approach to wellness through water. It was an experience that allowed us to forge a profound connection with our living spaces, leaving us with a sense of lasting contentment.

Continuing to Lisbon, where we introduced the GROHE Professional portfolio, designed to simplify the lives of installers and industry partners. We welcomed them to a splendid location, designed for those with grand home projects in mind. The highlight of the visit was the unveiling of the Everstream shower, an exceptionally sustainable addition to the GROHE family. Furthermore, we took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Albergaria plant, where PVD coated products are crafted to perfection. This dedicated portfolio caters to every aspect of your home, from bathrooms to kitchens, ensuring that every drop of water in your space is just right. It's like having the perfect water quality tailored to your needs, a luxurious experience that goes beyond just a bathroom.

Our journey culminated in Berlin, where we explored the world of GROHE QuickFix. This dedicated portfolio is like the perfect DIY project for your home. It's about creating a space that resonates with your personality, much like the new trends in bathroom design. The DIY Summit provided the ideal backdrop for the launch of QuickFix, which has swiftly become a vital component of GROHE's growth strategy. As we delved deeper, we uncovered the immense potential that QuickFix holds for the future. Whether it's adding a new fixture or personalizing your space, GROHE QuickFix offers the means to connect with your home on a personal level.

As we reflect on this journey, we realize that water is not just a resource; it's a source of comfort, relaxation, and personalization. From understanding the water cycle to enjoying a cold shower or a hot bath, our dedicated portfolios cater to your needs. It's about saving water and making your bathroom a comfortable space that suits your style and needs.

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