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The New Wave: GROHE QuickFix in Berlin

Dana Götte – GROHE QuickFix at the Global DIY Summit 2023 in Berlin

Our series The New Wave continues its progress around the key moments in the journeys of our GROHE sub-brands. In this edition we turn our attention to GROHE QuickFix, which is being showcased at the 9th annual Global DIY Summit in Berlin. To help us get a feel for the summit, and to tell us all about the QuickFix concept and its place in the overall GROHE family, we’re delighted to have the company of Dana Götte, who is Leader GROHE QuickFix.

As the name suggests, QuickFix is aimed at the consumer who is considering doing some work at home but who is perhaps not totally confident in their own DIY abilities. At GROHE we’ve noticed that this is an increasingly common thought. There are many social and economic factors driving this shared impulse, bit it’s clear to us that it is about a lot more than just saving money by carrying out work yourself. Recently people have had time and cause to reassess their relationships with their homes, and the emerging trend is towards personalising and individualising our immediate environment. The time spent visualising a project, then the care and attention put into realising it, creates a bond between us and our space that increases the feelings of comfort and security we get from just being in it. Something as small-scale as upgrading a kitchen faucet, or brightening up a bathroom with a set of matching accessories, can offer huge satisfaction in the act of doing the job and for a long time afterwards. It’s these strong feelings of bonding, comfort and lasting pleasure that QuickFix offers and seeks to associate itself with in consumers’ imaginations. 

We’re so pleased to have Dana talk us through the QuickFix journey, and particularly at a big, international event like this. So much work goes into the GROHE portfolio, from conception to realised product, that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that these objects we create must connect with people on an immediate, emotional level. Otherwise, why would they have them in their homes? So, to see people interact with the products and understand them on a gut level must be very satisfying for Dana and the team. And of course, to spark the interest of our peers in the industry with a concept that we’re promoting always feels like a win. It was very exciting to hear from the person responsible for making all this happen. So, over to Dana… 

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