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GROHE Flush Plates respond to demands of modern design

Sleek flush plate solutions allow consumers to do more with smaller spaces

Our living spaces may be getting more compact due to affordability and the need to manage resources efficiently – but that doesn’t mean we are demanding less from them. Especially when it comes to the bathroom, consumers are looking for simplicity and formal elegance, but they still want the opportunity to express their own aesthetic choices, as well as enjoying a bathroom that performs brilliantly. At GROHE we’ve answered this demand for doing more with less by offering unprecedented levels of customization and personal expression at every touchpoint on our bathroom range.

Take the GROHE Flush Plates Collection: these beautifully crafted pieces offer a sleek solution to a practical design challenge. Because they are available in a range of shapes and sizes as well as our palette of 13 colors and finishes, they can be chosen to suit your faucets and shower fittings, according to our ‘perfect match principle’. While in themselves they exemplify the clarity of design and easy interaction of the entire GROHE range. Therefore, they embody the current, somewhat divergent, trends on the one hand for concentrated minimalism, and on the other for greater choice and a sense of opulence.

Watch our short films to get an idea of how Leader LIXIL Global Design EMENA Patrick Speck and his team pick up on these general consumer aspirations, then set about crafting products that speak to the current trends while persuading each individual user that the object at hand was created with them in mind. This is the essence of great design: meeting an everyday demand across a whole population while allowing the individual to create the space that they visualise for themselves alone.   

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