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GROHE Essence and Colors Collection transform bathroom design

Refreshed faucets range in advanced finishes allow new levels of personalisation

The current trend in bathroom design is clearly towards the personal and bespoke. Everything points to people desiring a wellbeing space at home where they can switch off and indulge themselves for a spell, in splendid isolation from their busy lives. And when creating your own watery cocoon you need the various elements you choose for it to reflect your style and taste. One-style-fits-all bathroom fittings no longer meet consumers’ expectations.

Into this new reality comes the new GROHE Essence range of faucets, presented beautifully in the advanced GROHE Colors collection. In this new iteration, Essence resolves one of the fundamental contradictions of design: creating an object that expresses the clarity and purity of the designers’ vision while allowing the user to project their own creativity through it. Each Essence product exudes perfect proportions and formal consistency, allowing the creation of a co-ordinated but effortlessly elegant overall look.

The choice of brushed and polished finishes offered by GROHE Colors adds even more creative possibilities. Whether the space is created around a classic chrome theme, or the striking Phantom Black, the consumer is empowered to include their own personal taste in the most basic building blocks of their new bathroom retreat, and to imagine their personal zone of healing and renewal around those pieces.

In our short film, Leader LIXIL Global Design EMENA Patrick Speck lets us into his and his team’s thinking when they were conceiving and creating these stunning new ranges. Everyday objects such as Patrick is attempting to create have to be prefect in every detail – especially since he wants people to feel a personal connection to them and to feel relaxed and totally at ease in their company. It’s fascinating to observe how he breathes life into his creations, so that become special parts of our lives.

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