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A Glass Of Water With

Severine Diffels — Innovation Management

Innovation and global profitability are key drivers for successful product development across different regions. But how do you ensure that products designed for a specific region can be profitable on a global scale? Enter Severine Diffels, an Innovation Manager at LIXIL International who has spearheaded new product development processes across different brands.

With a keen eye for market trends and consumer needs, Severine is instrumental in creating products that are both region-specific and globally successful. Insights and strategies have helped bridge the gap between local markets and global demand, resulting in products that are profitable and relevant across different regions.   


Developing young talent 

But it's not just about creating profitable products - developing young talents across the organisation is also a crucial aspect of LIXIL International's success. Through mentorship and training programs, young talents are given the opportunity to develop their skills and contribute to the company's innovation efforts. LIXIL International continues to push the boundaries of innovation and create products that improve the lives of people around the world.   


GROHE – new product developments

Severine Diffels favourite product GROHE Blue Home is the ultimate solution for those who value convenience, sustainability, and most importantly, perfect taste. With its state-of-the-art tap filtration system and cooling technology, this innovative tap delivers crystal-clear, chilled, and sparkling water straight to your glass, whenever you need it. Say goodbye to the hassle and environmental impact of bottled water, and enjoy the pure, refreshing taste of still, medium or sparkling water on demand, all from one sleek and stylish tap.  

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