The mobile brand experience: explore GROHE physically and virtually

The GROHE X Motion Trucks are mobile brand ambassadors that bring the vibe of the GROHE X platform to the world. They work as a bridge between the physical and the digital world and complement the cutting-edge GROHE X brand experience. 

As a mobile satellite studio, every GROHE X Motion Truck has a build in stage with a large LED screen. This enables GROHE to host local events anywhere at any time. And it gets even better: These events are available to the world on the GROHE X platform.

Inside the GROHE X Motion Truck we created a unique brand experience: the stations to explore GROHE as a brand have an exhibition character. By combining physical and digital experiences you will be introduced to the GROHE world.  

We are showcasing the GROHE brand with its versatile product portfolio and its dedicated subbrands. Selected physical products are directly linked to further digital products, more detailed product information and complete environments.

With our 360° Living Spaces visitors can experience GROHE products in different surroundings via immersive virtual reality glasses. The VR glasses work via gaze control, allowing to interactively navigate the different spaces with the eyes and get inspired by the look of different interiors.

Discover the 360° Living Spaces

Changing the color of the faucet also changes the whole bathroom environment

To enable the live experience of colors and to feel the freedom of choice that comes with the GROHE SPA portfolio, the GROHE Allure can be experienced digitally via the VR application. At this station it is time to get creative by finding the perfect match for your personal taste virtually.

GROHE-X_Motion-Trucks sadas

With the GROHE GIVE Program we want to give you all our knowledge

Facing the shortage of skilled installers in the sanitary industry, it is more important than ever to offer an attractive training program that helps young, upcoming installers build the foundation for a prosperous future.

On behalf of the GROHE GIVE Program the Plumber Truck is another key element in training the next generation of professionals. Focused on the hands-on, experimenting and getting in touch with GROHE products, it is the perfect environment to bring our vast expertise to where it is needed. 

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