GROHE Blue water system addresses changing consumer needs and makes kitchens more sustainable – at home and at work

  • Convenience and quality on tap: Conscious water consumption made easier than ever

  • Sustainable kitchens: A high-quality solution that saves plastic waste, water and CO2 emissions

  • Meaningful experiences: Enabling trade partners and kitchen experts to design kitchen solutions that meet the needs of today’s consumers

Düsseldorf, 5 September 2022 – In these times of rivers and lakes drying up, of plastic polluting the oceans and impending shortages of energy resources, consumer needs and priorities are changing drastically. Many consumers want to contribute to a more regenerative future, ideally without sacrificing personal comfort. This becomes obvious in their everyday consumption behavior and decision-making processes: When buying new products, many pay attention to whether they can save waste, plastic, energy or water (1). In addition, recent years have also seen many people working from home – which has once again resulted in a shift in consumption habits.
Kitchen experts depend on innovative solutions that precisely meet these changing customer expectations. Thanks to consumer-centric development processes, GROHE, as a reliable partner for professionals, has the right portfolio to meet these demands. One highlight is GROHE Blue water systems which create meaningful kitchen experiences and a profitable win-win for kitchen experts and their clients.

Sustainable profit: aiming for a plastic-free future

Besides the functions of a regular kitchen faucet, the GROHE Blue water system delivers chilled, filtered drinking water in still, medium or sparkling at the touch of a button. By switching to refined tap water, single-use plastic bottles can easily be eliminated from the kitchen, resulting in a saving of up to 800 units a year for a family of four (2) – in an office of 30 people this means a saving of 6,600 one liter water bottles per year (3). Also, 76% of CO2 emissions3 and water consumption that occur in the bottled water production process can be saved: One liter of water becomes one liter of drinking water while in the production process for one liter of bottled water seven liters of water are used (4) – cherishing every drop of water in order to help the planet. By specifying GROHE Blue, kitchen studios and installers can contribute towards greater sustainability and more conscious water consumption, which will really make a difference. Trade partners can stand out from the crowd by positioning themselves as environmentally conscious solution providers with an innovative product portfolio that matches today’s consumers’ demands.

Tailored to new kitchen demands: enhancing convenience

The sustainability benefits are accompanied by an increase in the kitchen’s convenience factor: Having your water sourced directly at home means a tasty water supply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: There is no need to carry heavy water crates or collect empty bottles any more, and even coffee and tea will develop their aromas to the fullest thanks to GROHE Blue’s filter technologies. Demand for a comfortable kitchen experience has shifted, as people spend more time at home than before the pandemic. This is giving consumers’ homes a new significance in their everyday lives, reflected in the requirements consumers place on the kitchen, which has evolved to a highly frequented, multi-purpose room – as restaurant, office and classroom. GROHE, together with its professional partners, caters to these needs, making life in consumers’ kitchens much easier and more convenient without compromising on design. Various design options and the newly introduced Velvet Black finish allow for kitchen solutions that complement overall personal interior style as well.

The accompanying “Made for your water” campaign creates even greater awareness of the game changer that is GROHE Blue. In addition, it offers a starting point for actively involving customers in GROHE's environmental commitment: Working with the social business everwave, GROHE is collecting one kilogram of waste from European waters for every GROHE Blue water system sold in the period from September to December.

Examples of how we’re tackling the global plastic waste crisis together with our partner everwave can be found on our People, Places & Events series.


(1) Based on a representative study from YouGov and GROHE which was conducted in September 2021. The sample consisted of 1,000 citizens from Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Denmark and Russia each.

(2) Environmental Action Germany (DUH)

(3) “Creation of a Product Carbon Footprint for GROHE watersystems for drinking and hot water supply”, Sebastian Schär, Prof. Dr. Jutta Geldermann, University Duisburg-Essen (2021).

(4) “The real water consumption behind drinking water: The case of Italy”, Journal of Environmental Management 92 (2011)


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA