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LIXIL EMENA celebrates launch of digital experience platform ‘GROHE X’ for its GROHE brand

  • Successful start: Over 12.000 visitors explored GROHE’s brand hub on the first day and almost 4.000 viewers attended the three live events

  • Impactful sustainability engagement: As one of the first sanitary brands, GROHE presented its first Cradle to Cradle Certified® products during the premiere keynote

  • Putting customers at the center: GROHE is increasingly addressing consumer needs with value-adding product innovations and tailored services


Düsseldorf, March 17, 2021 –‘Discover what’s next’: With this guiding theme, LIXIL EMENA yesterday successfully launched its digital experience hub GROHE X for its GROHE brand. The comprehensive brand platform offers informative and inspirational multimedia content to GROHE’s professional business partners and consumers. Tailored to the needs and interests of the respective target group, a customized program is offered, which includes how-to videos, background articles, and 360° rooms that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the new product highlights. In addition, there are exciting video formats such as ‘A Glass of Water with…’, in which various GROHE experts offer behind-the-scenes glimpses of the global brand, or ‘Wow of the Week’, in which a particularly inspiring project or topic is presented each week. While visitors to the brand hub can explore the world of GROHE on their own, GROHE X also opens up new ways of interaction: Business partners can use the platform to make appointments with their sales contact and thus exchange information directly about the innovations that have just been introduced.

“GROHE X is a milestone in our brand history. It opens up unprecedented opportunities to experience GROHE and to discover our products and the issues that drive us. You can connect with GROHE X wherever you are and whenever you want. GROHE X is thus bringing us closer together in a time when we need to stay physically distant. The positive feedback I have received from customers all over the world has reconfirmed that we took the right decision eight months ago. The digital journey we have embarked on with GROHE X has only just begun. The platform is here to stay and will constantly evolve over the next months. My biggest thanks go to the team who made all this possible while working remotely. I’m extremely proud of the courage and leadership they demonstrated in transforming an idea into GROHE X,” says Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA and Co-CEO Grohe AG.


A new milestone in GROHE’s sustainability journey

For the launch of GROHE X, there are various event formats live and on demand for invited guests on the platform in addition to the freely available editorial content. This special GROHE X launch week commenced with the premiere keynote, which gave the global brand the opportunity to once again prove its status as a sustainability pioneer in the sanitary industry: The global brand presented its four best-selling products as Cradle to Cradle Certified ® variants.(1) In contrast to the linear Take-Make-Waste model, Cradle to Cradle stands for continuous material cycles: A product is manufactured in such a way that, at the end of its life, the components can be used to create new products. To achieve a certification a product is evaluated in terms of the following five categories: material health, material reutilization, renewable energy, water stewardship, and social fairness. “Achieving Cradle to Cradle certifications at Gold level is a huge step in our sustainability efforts. I am very proud that we are one of the first brands in the sanitary industry to once again make a clear commitment to sustainable transformation and set a new benchmark. Since the building sector accounts for more than 50 percent of worldwide material consumption, the moving away from a linear model in favor of a circular economy is essential to stop the exploitation of natural resources. We need to transform our business model towards a circular value creation and start considering products at the end of their life as valuable material banks instead of using new resources.” explains Thomas Fuhr, Leader Fittings LIXIL International and Co-CEO Grohe AG the importance of the circular approach within the brand sustainability strategy.

The significance of initiating a paradigm shift in the construction industry and putting a focus on green buildings based on Cradle to Cradle® design principles was also the key issue in a panel talk on Tuesday afternoon, when Dr. Christine Lemaitre, CEO DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), Dr.-Ing. Peter Mösle, Partner Drees & Sommer SE and Managing Director, EPEA GmbH and Thomas Fuhr discussed how sustainable architecture can be thought and implemented already today and in the future.

During the keynote, GROHE also introduced the new “GROHE Installer Vocational Training and Education” (GIVE) program (2) which strengthens the social dimension of the brand’s sustainability engagement. GROHE is already collaborating with 26 institutions offering plumbing training across the EMENA region. As part of the GIVE program, the brand will support plumbing schools in creating a state-of-the-art training framework by installing modern training facilities and providing learning material and experienced technical trainers. Students will complete a specific product training designed by GROHE, for which they will receive an internationally recognized certificate. Given the shortage of skilled installers in the sanitary industry, it is more important than ever to offer an attractive training program that helps young people build the foundation for a prosperous future.


Relevant innovations for the living spaces of tomorrow

Another determining theme of the keynote was the reclaimed customer-centricity. This focus on the customers’ expectations and needs is not only reflected on GROHE X or in the brand’s new commercial approach, which offers a differentiated product portfolio and dedicated services tailored to target groups but is also a guiding principle when developing new products.

This was impressively underlined with the presentation of the relaunched bestseller GROHE Eurosmart (3). With the fourth generation of the faucet, the brand reinvented one of its core products, making Eurosmart the most versatile line in the portfolio: Users can now choose a hybrid faucet, which combines manual operation and touchless hygiene, or different lever variants such as the loop lever, which simplifies gripping thanks to the cut-out center, or the long lever which allows users to operate the faucet with the elbow, thereby minimizing the contact with surfaces – ideal for doctor’s offices.
“When we design a new product, our first question is always : Who are we designing this product for? Human-centric thinking and a deep understanding of consumers are key to developing meaningful products that improve and add value to the daily lives of people around the world. With our products, we want to respond to changing consumer needs and react to social trends. In our product development, we are guided by three key macro trends: Urbanization, Health & Wellbeing and Sustainability (4). Last year, for example, the idea of the bathroom as a spa or wellness area has really accelerated. Consumers are looking for bathroom products which help them create memorable experiences and want to transform the bathroom into a space where they can take good care of their body, mind, and soul. Our response to this trend is the new GROHE SPA collection (5) which we curated to include the most exclusive products from our portfolio to allow users to enjoy unique moments of bliss,” says Patrick Speck, Leader LIXIL Global Design, EMENA.

Which trends are shaping the ways consumers are living today and tomorrow? This was the central point of discussion in yesterday’s second panel talk yesterday with Patrick Speck and trend expert Oona Horx-Strathern, CEO of the renowned Zukunftsinstitut Horx.

GROHE will also celebrate the launch of the platform with various event formats in the coming days. In the future, GROHE X will be expanded to include hybrid and mobile brand experiences in addition to the digital offering.

(1) Certified in accordance to Cradle to Cradle Certified Version 3.1. The C2C Certified Product Standard is the world’s leading science-based and rigorous measure for designing and manufacturing safe, circular and responsible materials and products. Find more information here.
More information on GROHE’s first Cradle to Cradle Certified® products here.
(2) Further details on GIVE can be found here.
(3) Details on the new GROHE Eurosmart line can be found here.
(4) Learn more about the three macro trends here.
(5) Discover the new GROHE SPA collection here.


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA