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Let’s dive into Jan Shepherd’s WOW of the Week and take a look at the fascinating ÖÖD Mirror House. The idea for the ÖÖD House was born in 2016 when brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik were planning a weekend hiking trip and they were unable to find any appropriate small, individual properties.

Simply erecting a tent to stay in during their hikes didn’t feel right anymore. They found that staying in a tent often meant that they weren’t able to appreciate the surrounding nature as this takes place once one is outside the tent – for example, observing the beauty of a sunrise, sunset, or a fascinating starry night. 

Their concept was to create “modules” with a uniform appearance and a bold, stylish design. The most distinctive aspect of the design is the large mirrored windows that offer guests and owners of the ÖÖD Mirror House a completely unique feeling of immersion in the surrounding landscape a perfect antidote to our nature starved lives, to discover the joy of re-connecting with the wild. However, they also guarantee complete privacy when relaxing and re-charging inside the ÖÖD Mirror House. The exterior structure of the ÖÖD house blends in with the natural environment, as if camouflaged. A seamless transition is created between the landscape and the ÖÖD Mirror House. 



The ÖÖD Mirror House is completely adaptable to suit all requirements, desires, and wishes. Its versatility is such that the ÖÖD House can be an ÖÖD office, meeting room, wintergarden, or studio. The design of the house provides endless possibilities for space usage within it. The Nordic minimalist house has an added bonus – two different sizes are available with this wonderful sustainably designed house construction.

We are constantly searching for more sustainable ways to live including sustainable houses. The ÖÖD sets the standard for a more sustainable house design, and not only that, but it can also move with you thanks to its flat-packed design and can be used in any climate all year round. It can accommodate a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a living space while still feeling airy, helped largely by the vast mirrored windows, which help to bring the beautiful surroundings inside. 



Both GROHE and the founders of the ÖÖD house concepts are ideally suited, sharing the same values and an eye for detail and stunning design. The minimalist and pure design of GROHE Essence is perfectly matched to complement the sustainable house design of the ÖÖD house and enhances yet doesn’t distract from the beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

Extra touches of luxury can be added with award-winning designs from GROHE such as adorning the bathroom with GROHE Essence faucets. They come in a variety of different colors that will stand the test of time. The  GROHE StarLight® chrome finish surface is three times harder and ten times more scratch resistant and will look as good in a decade to come as they do now.

Currently GROHE has a selection of products that are Cradle to Cradle Certified® meaning that the production isn’t linear but conforms to a more circular economy, where products at the end of their life cycle can be used to create new products. These make the perfect companion for a sustainable house project.

With all its design wonder the ÖÖD Mirror House is a fantastic small house solution that is the perfect match for this week’s GROHE Wow of the Week!


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