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Celebrating 50 years of GROHE installation systems

It’s time to celebrate! This year marks half a century since the launch of our first installation systems, also called our “hidden champions”. For fifty years, they have facilitated creating a modern bathroom. While being installed behind the bathroom wall, the extremely flexible and simple to install systems offer great individual combination possibilities in front of the wall – from a wide range of flush plates to shower toilets. With this flexibility and combinability, they enable consumers to design their ultimate dream bathroom and support installers with their daily work. Although our reliable systems are hidden behind the wall, they offer a great number of benefits – explaining the nickname we have given them. Come take a look behind the wall with us and find out more about the evolution of our hidden champions!

Over the course of half a century, our installation systems have continuously improved to always match consumers’ needs. Since our first concealed cistern “Perfekt” and the first Dally filling valve with hydraulic function entered the stage – or wall – in 1971, innovations such as the first DAL-Rapid element for dry wall applications in 1986 and the introduction of Uniset in 1998 opened up freedom of choice for customers.

Helping you to create the perfect bathroom with innovative solutions is only possible by keeping all fingers on the pulse and one foot in the future. In 2009, the Rapid SL system ushered in a new era in the bathroom. With an upgrade that offered a tool-free installation of the water connection and revision shaft, it was designed to make installers’ lives significantly easier. In addition, the GROHE Rapid SL frame system for small and narrow bathrooms was added to the product portfolio of hidden champions in 2013 as a response to urban lifestyles – which often include living in smaller apartments – and matching a chic, modern bathroom design.

Fast forward to 2021. All these steps in evolution have led to the creation of the ultimate hidden champion: the smart GROHE Rapid SLX frame. Hiding behind the wall, Rapid SLX fits all rimless WCs and, thanks to its integrated flush flow restrictor, it takes just a few seconds to set or adjust the flush – no disassembly needed. But the new versatile frame offers even more advantages that make the bathroom future-ready: Due to the integrated power connection and an additional water path, a shower toilet can be easily installed at a later date.

As the perfect match for GROHE ceramics, shower toilets or our versatile flush plate collection, our installation systems make the creation of a modern bathroom as easy as never before. The result of a 50-year-long evolution – and it is ready for the future.

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