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Driven by our passion for water: GROHE SPA creates relaxing water experiences for all senses

In today’s fast-paced world with all its noise, distractions, and high stress levels, people find it increasingly helpful to turn to the quiet and calmness of nature. What could be more soothing than seeking solace in the woods or reconnecting with the elements by spending time near the water?
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Whether it is an ocean, a lake, or the banks of a river – water holds a primal attraction and has a deeply comforting influence on us, which is why we feel so drawn to its beauty.

The proximity to water is proven to have a calming effect: Its sounds and feel cleanse not only the skin, but the mind as well. The idea of immersing in water and its powerful nature is what inspired GROHE to develop its new GROHE SPA collection. The range of sophisticated bath and shower fittings transforms any bathroom into an individual home spa that offers relaxation and revitalizes through the energy of water, thereby fulfilling the meaning of ‘SPA’ in every detail: ‘health through water’.
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GROHE SPA stands for exclusive designs combined with cutting-edge technology to create memorable water enjoyment. The SPA products allow you to indulge yourself in a perfect “me-moment” that engages all senses and creates a full sensorial experience.

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To transform your bathroom into an intimate retreat for mindfulness and self-care, where routines become enjoyable rituals, you need to create an atmosphere that allows you to slow down. But the right mindset is just as important as the right set-up. Only when both come together, you can add a new level of meaning to everyday routines like taking a bath.

Using water or enjoying water - that is what distinguishes a regular bathroom from a home spa. In your personal home spa, water becomes a luxurious element that helps you escape the outside world and literally washes away stress and fatigue. GROHE SPA lets you feel our passion for water in every detail.
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To enable utmost water enjoyment, GROHE has created different SPA water zones, beginning with the redesigned GROHE Allure faucet range, which impresses with its minimalistic and extraordinary slim design that makes it a true aesthetic statement in your bathroom.

Precision meets sophisticated design

The inspirations for the new Allure were drawn from nature as is evident in the faucet’s new, more organic aesthetic that invites interaction. With its combination of sophisticated design, state-of-the-art water technology, and German craftsmanship, the new GROHE Allure ensures luxurious water comfort.
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A customized home spa experience with carefully selected colors, materials, and finishes

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GROHE SPA_Collage-05_bathroom faucet with material samples
The soothing effect that any home spa should have on its owners is created by its look and its customizable features. GROHE SPA helps you implement individual design concepts and adjust your bathroom according to your personal taste by offering you a color palette and a variety of finishes that calm the mind and please the eye.

A perfect home spa not only features a sophisticated look and high-quality products, but also offers users the opportunity to tailor shower and bath experiences to their personal preferences.

GROHE SPA Ceiling Shower modules can be customized to meet users’ needs and are a great example of the new level of customization GROHE SPA makes possible.

Smart Modules

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GROHE SPA_sidesprays
GROHE SPA_sidesprays

Upgrade your shower experience

GROHE SPA Body Sprays complete the new portfolio and upgrade the customized shower experience with a pulsating water massage. Control is intuitive via pop-up activation: When activating the water, the body sprays pop out of the cover plate, allowing to switch between Rain and Active Jet spray easily by turning them.

GROHE Rainshower Smartactive Bodysprays

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With the GROHE Icon 3D collection, made possible by the innovative technology of 3D metal-printing, GROHE has pushed the boundaries of how a faucet can be made. GROHE is entering the future of product design as the brand is now able to create designs that at first appear impossible. With the reinterpretation of the Atrio and Allure Brilliant lines through the Icon 3D design, GROHE is taking product design and the joy of water to a whole new level.
Icon 3D
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