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GROHE X Panel Talk
The Story of Design “GROHE Designtellers-Kitchen”

At the GROHE Designtellers-Kitchen event, speakers from different disciplines discuss the evolution of the kitchen usage habits of societies from ancient times to the present, and kitchen design trends from today to the future. At the event, the world of GROHE products and the design approach in kitchen designs are under the spotlight.

29 March, 09:30 - 11:00

Experten auf der Bühne 


Co founder of Artful Interior & Product Design Co. and Ece Yalım Design Studio / Part Time Instructor at METU

Co founder of Artful Interior & Product Design Co. and Ece Yalım Design Studio , she is an experienced industrial and interior designer who started her professional life in New York USA., right after she completed her masters degree at Pratt Institute and has been continuing designing in Turkey since 1996, together with her work and life partner, Oguz Yalım who is also an Interior Designer. They have multi disciplinary approach to design and they are eagerly searching for good and fair answers to the question of: ‘ Why design another product for the world which suffers from surplus ? ‘

With their own universal approach, they uplift the design manifests of some leading Turkish companies such as Nurus, Ersa , Koleksiyon, Arlight, Moonlight etc., and design human oriented, visionary, innovative, contemporary products that have been rewarded with world wide known, influential design awards many times. 

Ece Yalım and Oguz Yalım have been chosen as the Design Duo of The Year 2017 by the Editor’s Comitee of ELLE DECORATION Turkey , within the scope of EDIDA ; ELLE DECOR International Design Awards.

Apart from their professional agendas Ece Yalım is a part time educator at the Middle East Technical University Industrial Design Department since 2004, and Oguz Yalım has been teaching at Baskent University in Interior Design departments since 2017.

Özlem TUNA


Özlem Tuna received her BA degree in Ceramics from Marmara University- Fine Arts Faculty in 1993. Continuing her art studies at the same university, she studied in the Department of Graphic Design- Authentic Printing Workshop. She started HER working life at a jewellery company called Urart. Then she worked as a jewellery designer at several companies which are located around the Grand Bazaar and in the area of Han’s in the Historical Peninsula.

She established ÖZLEM TUNA DESIGN COMPANY in 2003. Under the same brand name, she designed and manufactured jewellery and home accessories. She also provided consultancy services in modelling and design for several companies in the jewellery sector. ÖZLEM TUNA brand is sold in various famous big hotels and boutique shops within Turkey and abroad. She was the founder and creative director of DESIGN ZONE gallery in the Historical Peninsula during 2007-2010. In addition to Özlem Tuna jewelleries and home accessories, the works of other Turkish designers are also shown at the gallery. When different industrial designers joined ÖZLEM TUNA DESIGN organization, she established ZERRE Design Company in 2009. ZERRE Design Company designs collections and corporate gifts and ideas.

Özlem Tuna has won prizes in the jewellery field. She has been involved in design contests as a juror recently. She continues her works in the Historical Peninsula. She worked on several projects about sustainability of manufacturing tradition based upon workmanship lasting for centuries in the Grand Bazaar and the area of Han’s in the Historical Peninsula. The group that she worked with on this project won a prize in the competiton. She continues generating projects in order to promote the manufacturing traditions and to support workmanship and the selling network of the Grand Bazaar area. She works on preserving the intangible cultural values of this historic area.



Head Chef

Date of Birth 1991, Place of Birth Afyonkarahisar Effective communucation , Ability to work in a team, Leading a team, Time Managament, Multitasking, Creativiy, Designing new ideas and concepts.

MSA-The Culinary Arts Academy / Professional Cookery (January 2016 – September 2016)

•City and Guilds / ASET: Level 2 Diploma in Professional Cookery
•Food Hygiene & HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Certification 
•Turkey Ministry of Education Professional Cookery Diploma WSET LEVEL 1 Wine Education

International Wine & Spirits Academy Bachelor Degree
Anadolu Universty Faculty of Architecture and Design Ind. Product Design / 2015 /Turkey
HAWK Applied Science and Arts / Germany


Hüseyin YANAR

Architect, Writer, ORPHEUS NORTH

Yanar managed studios at the Academy (Mimar Sinan Arts University), Oxford Brookes University tı try both the student and the teacher for many years in England. He wen to Helsinki and Tampere, where he now lives, at the architecture and art schools from the Finnish school, continued in the studio and gave courses. Yanar, who worked in studios on the concept of 'Boundaries' at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, 'Time and Space' department between 2010 and 2012, brings together the applications in the Finnish World and architects, and a space is built in detail. Muotokuvia) was published in Finnish in 2011 in Finland. The book received one of the 'Best Finnish Books 2011' in the same year. Yanar, co-authored with Luis Fernandes Galliano, Netta Böök, at the beginning of the book of the Finnish Architecture Biennale 2010/2011.

Selections, is one of the articles of arkitera.com. Apart from Arkitara.com, he wrote articles on art and culture in Turkish publications such as Betonart, Rh Sanart, Git, Finnish Architecture Review and some other Finnish publications. Yanar, who took part in the collective exhibition 'Istanbul Stream and Bridges' at the Finnish Fine Arts University, Kaikku gallery with his work 'Father Hagia Sophia' in 2012, and 12 Contemporary Contemporaries in the 'Two Quiet Roads' exhibition organized with Photographer Jussi Tiainen at the Finnish Architecture Museum in May 2014. His writings on the Finnish Church were exhibited.

Now, with the scholarships given to you, Yanar's new book to be published in Finland will be published, one of which is on Rhythm Phenomenon in Architecture, one of which was taken from England, Mphil student Ph.D. thesis will be obtained. Yanar, who also has an architecture named Orpheus North Architects, has some modest design in Helsinki, between 2013-2014, He was Associate Professor at Dong Eui University in Ocean City Busan, South Korea for one year. He got to know the design of the universe and Korea and its people. He lives in Helsinki.



EUROSUN PRESCHOOLS Art History & Travel Writer PIRI GUIDE APP Editor & Copywriter

University education; GERMANY Aachen University Computer Engineering, TURKEY Istanbul University Faculty of Economics Department of Econometrics, BELGIUM Brugge University Pedagogical Formation, ENGLAND London School of Economics, statistics and optimization.He made a career in various fields in many sectors in Turkey. Japanese EPSON Computing Inc. He also served as a manager at American DIGITAL Equipment, SABAH Newspaper, and SIEMENS in Turkey...

SEKA KAĞIT FABRİKALARI and SÜZER HOLDİNG are some of the institutions that it provides consultancy... In addition to these duties, he organized the marketing, sales-production coordination, import or export of international publications, many textile and food factories in the publishing houses owned by his family. After receiving Pedagogical Formation in Brussels, he opened pre-school education institutions called EUROSUN EXCLUSIVE, which have been serving foreign families for 28 years. He is actively working on improving ATM systems for international banks and analyzing technological products in the international textile industry, costing and system analysis. Besides many levels of Lions; He served as the Treasurer of the District, the Secretariat of the District, the Secretary of the Mediterranean Conference, the Secretary of the European Forum, and the Secretary of the Council of Turkey.

He still continues his duty as a Pre-School Commission Member of the Private Schools Association of Turkey. Along with the travel writer and historian Saffet Emre Tonguç, he worked as a travel writer for many magazines, as well as the special travel tours they organized at BESTMEN PRODUCTIONS, where he is a partner, and the editor and copywriter of the Piri Audio Guide Travel Application with Saffet Emre Tonguç.



President of ETMK / Founder of Reform-Ist

Sertaç Ersayın, who graduated from METU Faculty of Architecture, Department of Industrial Design, worked as the Vice President (Design and Innovation) and Strategic Design Coordinator at Kale Yapı Group for 4.5 years. Ersayın, who started his career as a Design Specialist in the Technology Development and Engineering Departments of Koç Group, managed DeiChung JV, which they designed and produced in S. China, and the international marketing company in Hong Kong for 3 years. He established the Design Group in Demirdöküm, which is also a part of the same company, and managed it for 8 years. Ersayın, who is a jury member at IF Design Award / Hannover and Design Management Europe, one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world, said: Design Turkey, IMMIB, Furniture Design Competition, IDW (Istanbul Design Week) Designer of the Year, Design Spirit, W Hotel Design Competition, MarketingIST, He was a jury member in more than 150 design competitions in professional and student design competitions in many different categories such as Philips TV Competition, Ceramic Design Competition, Packaging Design, POPAI OMA (Design at the Point of Sale). In addition to the ETMK Presidency, he is still responsible for the Reform-ist Strategic Design and Innovation Management company that he is the founder of.


Leader LIXIL Global Design - Creative Direction, EMENA bei Grohe AG - Founder & Designer at StudioDWAS

With focus on the brand GROHE, Mirko Goetzen is working as Leader, LIXIL Global Design - Creative Direction, EMENA at theDüsseldorf based studio. After having studied Industrial Design at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen & the National University of Singapore, he developed his career designing for global brands like Nokia and Sony. His current role at LIXIL Global Design includes Creative Direction of interdisciplinary projects & hands on design work for a variety of projects in the sanitary industry.