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Wow Of The Week


Join renowned architect and Barlett School of Architecture tutor, Steven Johnson, on an exciting tour of an innovative multi-use project based in Flimwell, UK. This ground-breaking development has been designed to create a positive impact on rural communities by fostering a closer relationship between people and their surrounding natural environment.  

At the heart of the project is a commitment to sustainability and ecological responsibility. By harnessing the power of water and woodland, the project has been designed to not only enhance the local environment but also boost the economic and social wellbeing of the community. From co-working spaces to community cafes and outdoor activity centres, this multi-use development offers something for everyone. 


Unique projects 

Throughout the tour in Filmwell, Steven shares his insights into the design and construction of this unique project, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that arose during the development process. As an advocate for sustainable architecture and community-driven design, Steven's expertise and passion are sure to inspire and captivate audiences of all backgrounds. So come along and discover how this innovative project is helping to create a brighter future for communities through the power of design and nature.   


Giving back 

GIVE is the GROHE Installer Vocational Training and Education Program, which partners with 26 institutions across EMENA to provide plumbing training and address the shortage of skilled installers in the sanitary industry. 

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