GROHE and Team Ocean collaborate to raise water awareness

GROHE sponsors rowing expedition of Team Ocean to champion the value of water

Awareness about the availability of clean and fresh water and ways to save this scarce resource are urgently needed – not only on today’s World Water Day.

That is why GROHE, a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, is supporting Team Ocean, a group of four adventurers named Bela Evers, Bram Meyer, Sara Eenhoorn and Wilco van Rooijen. Together, they embrace the mission of raising “Aquawareness” – creating a consciousness for saving water by encouraging responsible water usage and sustainable practices. 

Team Ocean will row the Rhine, followed by an expedition from California to Hawaii. By producing drinking water from the sea, Team Ocean promotes water self-sufficiency.

“As the global water crisis intensifies, we remain steadfast in our commitment to water stewardship. However, we believe that addressing this issue requires bold and collective actions. That is why I’m proud to announce our collaboration with Team Ocean. It is more than a sponsorship; it's a shared mission to championing the value of water and promoting responsible consumption. By harvesting minimal drinking water from the sea, Team Ocean serves as a beacon for water self-sufficiency. Together, we strive to amplify awareness of the global water challenge and inspire sustainable practices for a water-resilient future,” says Daniela Stawinoga-Carrington, Leader Communications & Impact, LIXIL EMENA.


Rowing for a good cause

This July, GROHE Team Ocean will embark on an inaugural expedition, rowing from the Rhine’s water source in the Swiss mountains, through the Rhone towards the North Sea. The alarming loss of 10% of water volume of Swiss glaciers over two years underscores the urgency of their mission*.

In 2025, GROHE Team Ocean will row 4,500 km from California to Hawaii in shifts of 2 hours on and 2 hours off non-stop for their second expedition.  During the rowing expedition to Hawaii, Team Ocean will act as a “living laboratory” to highlight the need for self-sufficiency in water use. During the 6-8-week crossing, the team will make their own drinking water from the sea and live on less than 8 liters of water per day. By comparison, the average water consumption in the Netherlands is 129 liters per person per day**. 

To amplify the impact of their message, GROHE and Team Ocean will provide regular updates on the progress of the expeditions, ensuring widespread awareness of the global water crisis and the need for sustainable practices.

* World Economic Forum: Swiss glaciers lost 10% of their volume in two years


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