GROHE X Podcast – Together For Sustainability

Episode #5: Alexandra Steed and Marcella Hansch on the topic of how a resilient nature can be created for future generations

Our 5th Together For Sustainability podcast addresses the question of how we can create a resilient nature and environment for future generations while facing challenges like sea level rise and biodiversity loss.

In this episode, podcast host Marcella Hansch, CEO of everwave foundation, welcomes Alexandra Steed, expert and chartered landscape architect from Alexandra Steed URBAN/London, as guest.

Alexandra, in collaboration with her company "URBAN," is dedicated to harnessing natural processes and systems to create integrated, vibrant, and beautiful spaces. Her work offers profound insights into innovative strategic approaches for sustainable landscape architecture, aimed at harmonising and enhancing the coexistence of nature and humanity while also addressing challenges in implementation.

She particularly shares experiences, strategies, and key moves for building a more sustainable world with her project SEEPARK (South Essex Estuary Park), for which she and her team won the World Architecture Festival award. 

Listen to the podcast and learn more about Alexandra's upcoming projects in the field of sustainable landscape architecture. 

About the podcast

Podcast-serien Together For Sustainability vil fokusere på samarbejder, der giver positive effekter på problemerne med klimaændringer og udnyttelsen af vores planet. For at vise, at løsningen ligger i en kollektiv indsats, vil udvalget af ekspertgæster fokusere på emner som vand, ressourcer, cirkulær økonomi og bæredygtigt byggeri.


GROHE X Podcast: Together For Sustainability
GROHE X Podcast: Together For Sustainability

Marcella Hansch

CEO, everwave foundation

Marcella er uddannet arkitekt og har i årevis været engageret i sunde oceaner og floder. Mens hendes fond lægger vægt på miljøuddannelse, ønsker den sociale virksomhed everwave at rense floder og beskytte havet mod plastik ved hjælp af oprydningsteknologier. GROHE støtter everwave siden 2019.


Sustainability Podcast5
Sustainability Podcast5

Alexandra Steed

Founder & Director of Alexandra Steed URBAN Ltd

Alexandra Steed, FLI, FRSA, a passionate landscape architect, founded URBAN in 2013 to infuse daily life with joy through transformative landscape design. Her commitment to art, sustainability, and the well-being potential of landscapes shines through her work. Steed advises organisations like the Design Council UK and the UK Government's Office for Place. As a lecturer at The Bartlett, UCL, she shares her expertise and supports community empowerment and inclusive public spaces. Steed's contributions have earned her prestigious awards, including the WAFX Award for global solutions and The LI Award for Climate Change Excellence. Her designs prioritise biodiversity and natural processes, championing climate change mitigation and fostering a deep connection with the natural world.

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Melanie Vrenegor
Melanie Vrenegor

Melanie Vrenegor

Senior Communications Manager Sustainability

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