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Dr. Carsten Romanowski — 3D Metal Printing 

Dr. Carsten Romanowski, Leader Industrial Engineering - New Production Technologies & Systems Manufacturing, Fittings, is a true visionary when it comes to 3D metal-printing technology. In his inspiring talk, he sheds light on the fascinating workings of this futuristic manufacturing process, and the magic that can be created with just nitrogen gas, powder, and a laser. Through his work, Dr. Romanowski is helping to shape the future of manufacturing, and he invites us all to join him on this exciting journey. By embracing 3D metal-printing technology, we can unlock new levels of innovation and creativity, and bring our boldest ideas to life.   


Limited edition bathroom design  

GROHE's Icon 3D series is the perfect combination of cutting-edge metal printing technology and handcrafted quality. The components for the taps are produced using a powder bed laser melting process, resulting in a strong and durable superfine stainless-steel structure. After printing, each component undergoes meticulous finishing, including CNC milling, manual grinding, and fine brushing, ensuring that every product in the collection is unique and exclusive. With a limited edition of just a few pieces per year, GROHE Icon 3D is a truly exclusive piece for the bathroom and available on request.  


Dr. Romanowski’s favourite product 

Dr. Carsten Romanowski’s favourite product is the GROHE Eurosmart Cosmopolitan E, a perfect example of modern bathroom design with a minimalist approach. The tap features a sleek conical design with a smooth transition from the body to the lever handle, finished in GROHE StarLight chrome. Made in Germany, the Eurosmart Cosmopolitan range features innovative GROHE technology, including touchless operation using an infrared sensor that detects hand movement to save water while delivering a comfortable washing experience.

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