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World Architecture Festival 2023 in Singapore

Celebrating design excellence: GROHE steals the show at WAF amongst art enthusiasts

As a global hub for innovation and creativity, Singapore continually pushes the boundaries of art, creating designs that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic, captivating residents and visitors alike. From the futuristic skyline of Marina Bay Sands to the lush nature of Gardens by The Bay, Singapore continuously creates unforgettable spaces that inspire admiration and awe. As Tim Etherington explains Simply put, Singapore is not just a tropical island, it is a vibrant tapestry of diverse cultures, backgrounds and creatives, thus capable of crafting even more interesting and diverse work of art.

Our first day in Singapore followed a simple motto: modernism at its best. Our attendees from all around the world enjoyed a welcoming reception at WAF. Guests immersed themselves in architectural innovations, engaged with industry leaders, and enjoyed our GROHE lounge all while gaining insights into the latest trends. Seeing as this year’s WAF was hosted in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, an epitome of modernity and futurism. It was essential to have a similarly iconic networking dinner at Art Di Daniele Seprindio, where guests connected with each other discussing the fusion of modernity and heritage, growth and sustainability and how Singapore is a hub of all of that.

On the 30th of November, we saw how Singapore seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, creating a vibrant tapestry of diversity. The day started on a modern note at our GROHE Lounge at WAF for the second time, where architects and designers discussed cutting edge projects and practices that can shape the future of all homes. We ended the night with our EMENA dinner at Atlas Bar, one of the top 50 bars in the entire world, located at the iconic Parkview Square, in the historic Bugis neighborhood, with glamourous Art-deco and European architecture reminiscent of Gotham. It was an evening of elegance, sophistication, and gastronomic delight. With heritage in every sip, and progress in every stir, Atlas truly reflected how Singapore is a city of contrasts.

The 1st of December began with a learning journey. Our esteemed guests enjoyed a GROHE customized workshop, they attended keynote speeches, and found out more details about the GROHE SPA collection. As Tarek Hegazy explains, they are story tellers, the voice of the local community, which is an essential pillar of success that cannot be marginalized. To better understand the human nature of design, we had a two-way workshop, not only did the guests learn from GROHE, but we got to hear more of their perspective, their ideas and insights into what makes a home, and GROHE’s role in it. Our second stop was the National Gallery of Singapore: an architectural gem, seamlessly blending historical grandeur with contemporary design, with an innovative layout captivating our visitors, and a rich cultural tapestry, serving as a testament to Singapore's vibrant past and promising future. Such as dynamic building is what Mohamed Fares had in Mind when describing building as living organisms that can live, feel and breath. We ended the day on a high note with a Gala dinner celebrating WAF winners and networking with fellow enthusiasts.

On the final day, we had a city tour telling the origin story of this melting pot of cultures and architectural styles. From visiting the Singapore National Orchid Garden, to the rich variety of historic cultural landmarks and cutting-edge architectural marvels, Singapore stands as a design icon, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation and reflecting its status as a global leader in creativity and innovation.

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