“Best of the Best”: GROHE Zedra kitchen taps impress both experts and consumers, winning the Kitchen Innovation Award 2021

  • Kitchen Innovation Award 2021: GROHE Zedra wins “Golden Award – Best of the Best” in the category “Kitchen Taps and Sinks”

  • The jury particularly commended Zedra for its user convenience, innovation, product benefits, design and ergonomics

  • GROHE Zedra simplifies everyday kitchen tasks with its innovative Triple Spray


Düsseldorf, March 16 2021 – Zedra, the newly reinvented range of popular kitchen taps by GROHE, has been awarded the “Golden Award – Best of the Best” in the category “Kitchen Taps and Sinks” at the Kitchen Innovation Awards 2021. The jury and panel of consumers were impressed with the kitchen tap’s intuitive operation and the variety of functions on offer. A highlight among the many user-friendly features of the GROHE Zedra is its Triple Spray, which is so far unique in the GROHE product portfolio and offers users additional convenience for everyday kitchen chores. Zedra is a fantastic example of GROHE's product philosophy: consumer-centric design combined with state-of-the-art technology, which also enables a more sustainable water consumption. The consumer award for GROHE Zedra, which includes high scores in the areas of design, innovation, user convenience, ergonomics, and product benefits for users, pays testament to the versatility of the Zedra tap range and its ability to provide the perfect solution for any kitchen project.

Always a perfect fit: Flexible handling for every need

A modern kitchen tap does not only have to look good, it also needs to be functional and comfortable to use – in short, it has to be an ergonomic kitchen aid. With its versatile functions, the GROHE Zedra line, available in a Chrome and Supersteel finish, meets these requirements and beyond. The pull-out spray arm offers flexibility when working at the sink area, and is ideal for preparing vegetables or cleaning the sink. The range’s most unique benefit is the integrated Triple Spray - when in need of a very condensed spray for cleaning stubborn dirt from pans, the Blade Spray is the mode of choice, while the Shower Spray is the ideal choice for rinsing vegetables. Meanwhile, the Laminar Spray provides a strong, streamlined spray that prevents splashing when filling pots. Once the task at hand is done, the spray arm retracts easily into place thanks to a magnetic docking system.This ease of use also applies to the installation of the tap as, thanks to the GROHE FastFixation Plus mounting system, fitting is quick and hassle-free, making a kitchen upgrade with GROHE Zedra an easy task for both DIY enthusiasts and installers.

For those looking to the products in their home to help them live more sustainably in their day to day lives, the Blade Spray is powerful yet saves up to 70% of water compared to the Shower Spray, making Zedra taps true trailblazers for facilitating a more sustainable water consumption at home. Additionally, the integrated pause button on the pull-out spray arm allows users to stop the water flow while, for instance, moving around pots and pans, which further helps to save water.GROHE Zedra taps therefore provide increased user comfort, convenience and also a variety of eco-friendly benefits for customers’ kitchens.

GROHE Zedra taps also offer advantages for user health and safety too. Dedicated inner waterways within the mechanism of the tap ensure that the water does not come into contact with any traces of lead or nickel, making GROHE Zedra extra safe - especially for households with children.

A modern touch: Zedra meets EasyTouch

A convenient addition to the system is Zedra Touch, the Zedra-specific version of GROHE’s EasyTouch technology. The innovative technology enables users to control the water flow with the touch of a forearm, wrist, or elbow onto the spout of the tap. This helpful feature encourages optimal hygiene within the kitchen as it can help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination from unclean hands touching the surface of the tap.The temperature can also be preset for the EasyTouch function via an integrated mixing valve, ensuring a safe water temperature which helps to minimise the risk of scalding.

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Jasmine Burford