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With GROHE Blue the best quality water is already at your fingertips

  • Fresh, filtered water on tap: GROHE Blue offers filtered, chilled, and sparkling water straight from the tap

  • Eco-conscious water consumption: GROHE Blue is a smart solution for a sustainable lifestyle

  • When and how you need it: GROHE Blue can be your single source of water, or a convenient addition to an existing tap


Düsseldorf, March 16 2021 – Delicious water does not need to make a long journey from a faraway source to your home because it is already right there in your kitchen. With the GROHE Blue water system, the water from your tap is transformed into fresh, chilled drinking water, and with just a single touch, you can control whether, and how much, carbonation you want. There is no need to waste any more time carrying packs of bottled water home from the supermarket as GROHE Blue allows you to draw your drinking water from a source that is truly as local as it gets, making it the ultimate sustainable option for fresh, filtered water.


GROHE Blue provides instant and effortless water for drinking or cooking, at your fingertips. So, say goodbye to wasteful plastic packaging and hello to GROHE Blue.


Unlimited drinking enjoyment on demand – GROHE Blue

Still, semi-sparkling, or sparkling? With the fully integrated GROHE Blue Home water system, the choice is entirely up to you.  As well as performing the functions of a regular kitchen tap, the water system delivers chilled, filtered drinking water with just a single touch. The heart of the product is the cooler- equipped with state-of-the-art filter technology, it removes any impurities for tasty, pure water. During this process, filtered and unfiltered water are always separated by two isolated internal waterways. Thanks to its compact design, the GROHE Blue Home cooler fits in any standard kitchen cabinet below the sink. Only a 30cm width is required, leaving plenty of space for storage, or to further equip your kitchen sink area with a GROHE waste system too.


Not a fan of sparkling water? No problem. GROHE Blue Pure is a great choice for anyone who enjoys still, filtered waterat home.Equipped with the same innovative filter technologies, the Pure line offers delicious, filtered drinking water straight from the kitchen tap. All GROHE Blue taps are available as a duo version, which provides filtered drinking water but also unfiltered water, handy for cleaning the dishes, for example.Meanwhile, the mono version can be installed in addition to an existing, standard kitchen mixer tap to provide a dedicated source of filtered drinking water. 


Sustainable water consumption

According to “Deutsche Umwelthilfe” (Environmental Action Germany), a family of four typically uses 800 plastic bottles a year. Thanks to GROHE Blue, the need for plastic water bottles can be eliminated entirely. Whilst the production of one litre of plastic bottled water can require up to seven litres of water, GROHE Blue users only draw the actual amount they intend to drink. This also has a positive effecton CO2 emissions. GROHE Blue is a true game changer that actively enableshomeowners to save valuable resources. That is why GROHE recently received the German Sustainability Award for GROHE Blue Home, a water system that promotes a process of rethinking in society.

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