GROHE Eurosmart

Reinvention of an all-time classic: The new GROHE Eurosmart offers solutions for every bathroom setting

  • Fourth generation of GROHE Eurosmart offers new and improved product range

  • First GROHE 2-in-1 hybrid tap combines a one-handed mixer with hygienic touchless control

  • New lever variants and an integrated thermostat enhance user safety


Düsseldorf, March 16 2021 – Within our homes, the bathroom is a very intimate space with a focus on personal care. More and more, we are seeking product solutions that offer support and comfort for everyday bathroom rituals, at every stage of our lives. With the relaunch of its best-selling Eurosmart, GROHE reinvents the classic bathroom tap, meeting changing consumer requirements with a range of innovations. The new Eurosmart will be launched in June 2021 and promises optimal comfort, contemporary design and easy installation, making it the perfect choice for any bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite upgrade.

“Eurosmart evolves with every generation, which is crucial if you want to bring meaningful products to the market. Our environment is constantly transforming, and we need to react to changing needs with new product solutions“, says Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA. “Right now, a global health crisis is forcing the world to rethink hygiene standards. Therefore, we have developed a hybrid version of Eurosmart, which combines hygiene-enhancing touchless and manual operation. Another example are the lever variants, which reflect the complexity of different living situations and the fact that every consumer has different requirements. Long levers simplify the daily work of doctors, while loop levers are perfect for children, the elderly and those with reduced or limited mobility. Eurosmart is the perfect proof that innovation is not limited to new lines. Innovating in a relevant way also means reinventing core products. Only these human-centric solutions enable us to create better homes.”

Product versatility at its best

With the relaunch of the Eurosmart bathroom tap, GROHE does not only introduce a new, contemporary design but also presents completely new product innovations too. The evolution of the Eurosmart line is focused on the creation of purpose-driven products and is carried out with different end users in mind. The Eurosmart Loop lever for example, simplifies gripping thanks to the cut-out centre. This is ideal for those with limited or reduced motor skills and for care homes, allowing everyone to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. There are even product variants designed for specific industries such as models with extra-long levers which are ideal for serving the health sector. Doctors and health professionals are able to operate the tap with their elbow, minimising contact with surfaces. The different lever variants directly relate to people's lifestyles and needs and are a perfect reflection of GROHE’s human-centric design approach.

The Eurosmart hybrid offers additional advantages when it comes to hygiene, combining the advantages of a manual and touchless tap. Users can decide whether they want to use the manual lever or touchless technology by activating water flow via the integrated sensor. When there is no need to touch the tap when washing hands, the risk of spreading germs and cross-contamination is minimised.

To make things even more convenient, especially for households with children and older generations, the Eurosmart line is now also equipped with a new safe stop technology. Thanks to an integrated thermostat, the temperature can be limited to help reduce the risk of scalding.

Eurosmart has even more to offer: For extra comfort, a pull-out spout offers full flexibility, perfect for washing hair or cleaning the basin. Water and energy-saving technologies integrated in the Eurosmart line support growing efforts to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. GROHE EcoJoy for example reduces water flow while enriching the water with air, ensuring a voluminous flow while saving valuable resources at the same time - a great choice for eco-conscious consumers.

With GROHE Eurosmart, there is a perfect match for everyone and every bathroom. The core product comes in four different sizes from S to XL and offers an individually matching choice for the basin from GROHE’s Euro Ceramics range, for those seeking a coordinated design with minimal planning required. Furthermore, the Eurosmart line can also be found in GROHE’s kitchen portfolio, making Eurosmart a perfect choice for coordinated design concepts that carry throughout the home. Also available are low pressure basin taps and deck mounted bath fillers and bath shower mixers.

Upgrade your home: Do it yourself with GROHE Start

For those who wish to install a new tap themselves, the GROHE Start combines many of the benefits of the Eurosmart range but with an additional feature - a 3-in-1 installation tool. This smart gadget comes with all standard GROHE Start taps and allows for hassle-free installation and easy maintenance during the lifetime of the tap, making GROHE Start the ideal product for any home DIY-er.

Discover what’s next on our new digital experience platform GROHE X.


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