GROHE SmartControl Dual Spray: More freedom in the kitchen

  • GROHE SmartControl Dual Spray kitchen faucet ensures easy and hygienic usage at the touch of a button

  • New spray button enables switch between two spray types for more comfort

  • Available in two colors and three design variants: the cylindrical GROHE Minta, the organically shaped GROHE Essence and the A-shaped GROHE Zedra

Düsseldorf, July 3, 2023 – Progressing urbanization leads to open-plan interior concepts: Living area, dining room and kitchen merge into one space – here is where our social life with family and friends pulsates. The trend that has seen the kitchen become an essential centerpiece in modern households has accelerated in recent years: This once functional room has been transformed into a multifunctional living space for cooking, get-togethers with family and friends, working and even home-schooling activities. This has led to changing demands, also with regards to the kitchen faucet, which is one of the most frequently used touchpoints in the kitchen. Despite the occasional neglect of this important player in the kitchen planning process, a new faucet can greatly enhance the 60cm around the sink. With the new GROHE SmartControl Dual Spray, GROHE, a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, is elevating the kitchen experience for its customers (1).

Advanced features for enhanced convenience

With a sleek, streamlined design featuring no levers or handles, the GROHE SmartControl Dual Spray is controlled by the touch of a button. This also works easily with the elbow or wrist and is ideal for those moments when both hands are busy or not very clean. Users can start and stop the water flow by pushing the SmartControl button, then adjust the amount of water from a gentle stream to a powerful spray by turning it. The water temperature can be regulated via the valve on the faucet’s body. For even more convenience while cooking, GROHE SmartControl faucets are also available with two spray types. By pressing the spray button, the user can switch to shower spray and back again to the interchangeable laminar or mousseur position. The pull-out spout ensures optimal access to every corner of the sink, while the magnetic docking guarantees the easy retraction and secure docking of the spray head.

“We are not only specialized in bathroom solutions but are also experts in kitchen fittings. It is our aim as innovators to offer consumer-oriented and high-quality products that are real assets. With our new GROHE SmartControl Dual Spray faucet, we’re catering to the needs of our consumers and bringing even more convenience to the kitchen,” said Amit Asthana, Product Manager, LIXIL EMENA.

Versatile in color and form

The great design variety makes the SmartControl Dual Spray faucet a highlight in any kitchen. Consumers can choose from three designs and two color options in the GROHE Colors Collection. The faucet comes in Chrome and Supersteel and is available as the cylindrical GROHE Minta, the organically shaped GROHE Essence and the A-shaped GROHE Zedra.


(1) and kitchen fittings, is elevating the kitchen experience for its customers


Daniela Stawinoga-Carrington update
Daniela Stawinoga-Carrington update

Daniela Stawinoga-Carrington

Leader, Communications and Corporate Responsibility, LIXIL EMENA