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Tackling high energy costs with GROHE’s resource-saving solutions for bathroom & kitchen

Düsseldorf, 23 May 2022. With rising energy prices, conscious consumption of resources has never been more important than today. Taking a closer look at our daily energy demands becomes the path to making a change, not only with regards to our own expenses but also to meeting climate targets(1). But how can everyone easily adjust their personal consumption of electricity, gas, and water?
When thinking about decreasing energy usage, easy fixes like switching off and unplugging equipment instead of leaving it on stand-by first come to mind. However, hidden potentials can also be found in the bathroom and kitchen: A cleverly chosen faucet for example can bring relief for your wallet – and the environment. GROHE, a leading global brand for bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, offers solutions that help to consciously use resources and thus enable consumers to save money in times of high energy prices.

Let’s have a look on three pro tips:

1. Energy saving cold-start technology SilkMove ES is your helping hand: In the mid-lever position only cold water is provided, thereby reducing wastage of hot water while saving energy and without compromising on comfort. In addition, the combined flow restrictor reduces water consumption by up to 50%. The choice is yours! This clever feature is integrated into numerous product lines like GROHE Eurosmart for bathroom and kitchen. Say hello to small changes with big impact

2. To reduce water consumption by up to 50%, GROHE EcoJoy is your go-to technology: A flow restrictor cuts down water consumption from 10 liters per minute to just over 5 liters. An aerator provides the same voluminous experience as that offered by a regular faucet.

3. Showering without a guilty conscience is possible thanks to the GROHE EcoButton: It reduces the water flow of thermostats like the Grohtherm 500, resulting in savings of up to 50% on water without compromising on the shower quality. By simply pushing a button, users can increase the water volume if they want to. With this extra step, GROHE aims to make users aware of their actions and tries to nudge them towards more sustainable water consumption.

(1)Richard Scotney, WWF Global Energy Efficiency Lead (WWF):


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA