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Global Handwashing Day

Sustainable handwashing – the benefits of a touchless faucet

Düsseldorf, 6 October 2022 - This year Global Handwashing Day is on October 15th. What does this day mean today? The simple act of washing hands has changed in the last two years – from a simple routine to one of the most important aspects of people’s everyday lives. We have learned that intensive and thorough handwashing for at least 20 seconds provides optimal protection (1). Besides hygiene, handwashing is now linked to another conscious decision: With rising energy prices, avoiding unnecessary hot water consumption is becoming increasingly important. GROHE, a leading global brand for bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, offers insights into the benefits of touchless faucets and how they can upgrade hand washing routines in a truly sustainable way.

Anyone who wants to use water consciously may first think of washing their hands as quickly as possible. But there are more solutions than you think: For example, the choice of faucet can contribute to the reduction of household energy costs and improve hygiene at the same time. In this scenario, touchless faucets are a true all-rounder. While many public restrooms are already equipped with them, they offer great benefits for private households, too.

Hygiene and Sustainability: How do you bring the two together?

Especially when the children come home from school or guests are visiting, it is not always easy to keep the hygiene level high. With a touchless faucet, the first thing the hands touch is water – not the faucet. When washing your hands, it is easy to forget that the water is running. Even if you pay attention to it yourself, others may not do so quite as much. A touchless faucet turns on the water flow only when needed and turns it off automatically when hands are no longer in contact with the water. A focus on using only the amount that is really needed is the efficient way to go.
With the GROHE Eurosmart hybrid faucet, it is up to everyone’s personal choice: The variant combines the advantages of a manual faucet with those of a touchless one. The user can decide whether they want to operate the manual lever or turn on the water without contact, using the integrated sensor technology. The touchless operation is used for cold water – so no unnecessary hot water consumption when not needed – and manual for mixed. Thanks to the integrated temperature limiter, energy is saved, while GROHE EcoJoy technology reduces water consumption to 5.7l/min without compromising on performance. It can be this easy!

In terms of looks and aesthetics, too, touchless faucets are a real eye-catcher. GROHE offers several variants with different designs to suit any bathroom style. Consumers can choose from the Essence E, Bau Cosmopolitan E, Eurosmart Cosmopolitan E and Eurocube E collection.


(1) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: When and how to wash your hands.


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA