GROHE SmartControl Kitchen and PVD sinks

GROHE SmartControl and PVD sinks

It’s a match: GROHE allows consumers to customize their kitchen space with a personal touch

  • Coordinated kitchen concepts from one single source: GROHE offers faucets and sinks perfectly matching in form and function

  • Colorful design statements: GROHE PVD sinks are complementing the GROHE SmartControl faucet with carefully curated colors and finishes

  • Life-long durability: Thanks to the state-of-the-art coating technology PVD, the products’ surfaces are three times harder and ten times more scratch-resistant


Düsseldorf, March 16 2021 – The kitchen has long since ceased to be a purely functional space. It has become the heart of the home and a multifunctional meeting place for families and friends. In this process, the kitchen space has developed into an expression of personal taste and consumers are seeking configuration options and individualization. This also applies to one of the busiest places in the kitchen space – the 60 centimeters around the sink. In line with the Perfect Match philosophy, GROHE is setting new design standards with a coordinated range of faucets and PVD sinks in matching colors. Consumers can choose from a versatile selection of carefully chosen colors ranging from "Cool Sunrise" to "Hard Graphite" or "Warm Sunset" – full freedom of choice. “With our coordinated kitchen concept consumers can express themselves and make the sink area a real eye-catcher,” says Patrick Speck, Leader LIXIL Global Design EMENA. “Timelessness played a major role in the curation of our GROHE Colors Collection – the colors and finishes need to be bold but still subtle since we are talking about fixed fixtures which should bring joy to consumers for a long time. It is key for us to find a balance between the latest interior trends, timeless design and our uncompromisingly high quality standards.” A special highlight in the kitchen faucet range: GROHE SmartControl kitchen.


GROHE SmartControl: Versatile & minimalistic

The GROHE SmartControl range for the kitchen is made to stand out: State-of-the-art technology combined with ultimate design variety make the SmartControl faucet a highlight in any kitchen. The range offers a design for every taste: Consumers can choose and pick from three designs and up to 10 different colors and finishes contained in the GROHE Colors Collection. The organic Essence design, for example, is available in all attractive colors - from the golden "Cool Sunrise" and "Warm Sunset" to the urban look of "Hard Graphite" in polished or brushed versions - and thus fits harmoniously into any existing kitchen ambience.
GROHE SmartControl does not only with its look, but also with its functionality. Instead of a lever, the SmartControl kitchen faucet offers an intuitive push and turn operation. To start the water flow, the user pushes the button. This also works easily with the elbow or wrist and is ideal for moments when both hands are busy or not clean. By turning the button, the amount of water can be precisely adjusted from the water-saving eco-jet to the powerful jet stream. Additional pull-out variants complete the SmartControl portfolio and offer consumers maximum convenience in the kitchen.


GROHE PVD sinks: Harmony in color, form and function

Matching the SmartControl range, GROHE offers a selection of undermounted PVD sinks which are available in stainless steel as well as in "Brushed Cool Sunrise", "Brushed Hard Graphite" and "Brushed Warm Sunset" for a premium kitchen look. The innovative manufacturing process of the GROHE Colors Collection does not only turn out attractive designs but also results in the creation of particularly durable surfaces. The technology originally stems from space engineering and has set a new standard in surface quality. A surface that is three times harder than chrome and ten times more resistant to scratches not only guarantees a brilliant color spectrum but also allows sinks and faucets to withstand the toughest demands of everyday kitchen use. And they make daily tasks even more pleasant: All PVD sinks feature spacious bowls of 20cm depth - meaning you have a lot of room to maneuver and enough space for cleaning large pots with ease. Additionally, GROHE Whisper Technology reduces noises to a minimum.


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

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