GROHE SmartActive and GROHE SmartConnect

Shower make-over made easy with GROHE Rainshower SmartConnect and Rainshower SmartActive

  • Simple change, big effect: Two shower highlights to create a personal home spa

  • Ultimate comfort from head to toe with the perfectly matching GROHE Rainshower SmartConnect head shower and the Rainshower SmartActive hand shower

  • The right spray for every mood: Versatile spray types can be selected intuitively via remote and SmartTip control

Düsseldorf, September 2, 2021 – Everyone needs moments of luxury and pleasure now and then. It is important to take some time out and focus on well-being to gather new strength for the challenges of everyday life. That is why the bathroom is becoming increasingly important to consumers. It is a space to just be, to care for body and soul with mindful rituals, secluded from the stressful world outside – especially in the coming cold season. But what if the bathroom is more like a dreary wet room than a relaxing home spa? There may be no need for an expensive renovation, because even with small changes and without much effort, you can turn any simple shower into a temple of comfort and showering pleasure. GROHE offers perfectly easy upgrades with the GROHE Rainshower SmartConnect head shower and Rainshower SmartActive hand shower.

"Consumers are looking for uncomplicated ways to update their bathrooms – on their own and without major renovation. We help them to create something completely new based on their existing bathroom. Replacing the head and hand showers are small changes with a big effect. No-fuss solutions like these can create a completely different atmosphere and transform your shower experience – perfect for those who are on a budget or renting, for example", says Patrick Speck, Leader LIXIL Global Design EMENA.

Remote-controlled shower enjoyment

To allow for a joyful shower experience, GROHE has developed the innovative GROHE SmartConnect shower control unit. The wireless remote control connects to the GROHE Rainshower 310mm wide head shower via Bluetooth and allows users to switch between the gentle GROHE PureRain and invigorating ActiveRain sprays or combine both spray patterns at the push of a button. The wireless remote control can be conveniently positioned in an easily accessible place and is intuitive to use thanks to self-explanatory pictograms. The head shower can be easily and quickly mounted on existing shower arms. Everyday rituals become special thanks to the flexibility and comfort offered by these technological highlights.

Ultimate comfort is just a fingertip away

A perfect complement to the GROHE Rainshower SmartConnect is the Rainshower SmartActive hand shower – the most innovative hand shower in the GROHE product range. Consumers can choose between three pleasant spray modes – from a gentle tingling sensation on the skin to a stimulating massage shower. Equipped with the GROHE SmartTip controller, a simple fingertip on the rear of the ergonomically designed hand shower is enough to intuitively switch between the invigorating Rain, powerful Jet or relaxing ActiveMassage spray. The practical GROHE DripStop feature minimizes annoying dripping after switching off the hand shower in the Rain and Jet mode. For a perfectly coordinated bathroom design, the minimalist Rainshower SmartActive is available in different sizes, round, and square designs and eleven different GROHE Colors and finishes. To make showering even more comfortable and enjoyable, the additional Rainshower shower rail has been developed for swift installation: GROHE FastFixation ensures that the rail can be adapted to fit existing drill holes, and GROHE TileFix adapts to the depth of your tiles.

No matter whether you are going for the matching components or the individual hand or head shower – choosing GROHE Rainshower SmartConnect and Rainshower SmartActive means making an affordable investment in your well-being by creating your own temple of comfort.


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA