As local as it gets - GROHE Blue

As local as it gets, tailored to your taste – GROHE Blue is made for your water

  • Zero bottles: Water system GROHE Blue enables a more sustainable lifestyle

  • Refreshingly convenient: a delicious source of fresh drinking water in your own home

  • From chilled to sparkling: The water system offers pure water enjoyment for every taste

Düsseldorf, 16th September, 2021 – Conscious consumers know when it comes to food, local produce is often the freshest and more sustainable choice. This also applies to drinking water, which is often overlooked in striving for a more environmental-friendly lifestyle. Switching to local tap water is a life-changing choice: Available right at the fingertips, coming straight from the tap in your own home, it enables a more resource-efficient and waste-saving lifestyle by making water imports, plastic bottles, and extra shopping trips dragging heavy water crates all unnecessary. But what if sparkling water is the favored go-to beverage? Add a GROHE Blue Home. The water system filters tap water and refines the taste of your own water source at home according to individual preferences: still, medium, sparkling or extra chilled drinking water – with full control over whether and how much carbonation is added at the touch of a button. With GROHE’s water system, everything is right at hand – a great solution to live more sustainably and always be perfectly ready for guests and friends.

Zero bottles – helping the planet one glass at a time

By tapping freshly filtered, chilled and, if preferred, carbonated water directly from the kitchen faucet, you can say goodbye to bottled water. This not only fights the global plastic waste problem, but also saves CO2 emissions (1) and water used in the production process of bottled water: While the manufacture of one liter of plastic-bottled water requires up to seven liters of water (2), GROHE Blue users only draw the actual required amount to drink. Thus, GROHE Blue is truly a game changer and actively enables consumers to save valuable resources. Making refined local tap water the new normal and eliminating plastic bottles in Europe is the goal of GROHE’s “Made for your Water” campaign, which spans the brand’s water system portfolio. With the campaign, GROHE strives to raise awareness for the advantages of tap water especially with regards to promoting a sustainable lifestyle and changing consumers’ habits – sip by sip.

Improving everyday convenience – GROHE Blue makes life refreshingly easy

With GROHE Blue, running out of drinking water and last-minute supermarket trips are a thing of the past. Now, you have delicious water already in your home – 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The fantastic side fact: There will always be enough drinking water in the house, even if guests stop by unannounced. Moreover, the water system is a true space-saver: With its compact design, the GROHE Blue Home cooler fits in any standard kitchen cabinet below the sink – only 20cm breadth is required, leaving enough space for the waste system. Carrying water crates and collecting empty bottles is out: GROHE Blue allows you to source your drinking water as locally as it gets, thereby saving time and space.

Pure drinking enjoyment from tap to table

Still, medium or sparkling? The fully integrated GROHE Blue Home offers delicious water enjoyment for your individual taste right from your tap at home. Besides the functions of a regular kitchen faucet, the water system delivers chilled, filtered drinking water with the push of a button. During this process, filtered and unfiltered water are always separated by two isolated internal waterways. The heart of the product is the cooler – equipped with a state-of-the-art filter technology it removes any impurities ensuring tasty, clean water quality. Even coffee and tea will taste better – thanks to the GROHE Blue filter technology, any aroma can develop to the fullest.

And even after use the filter cartridge is still valuable as a true source of raw materials: GROHE collects the used filters and passes them on to its filter supplier BWT, where 99% of materials are recycled. With the new take-back system, GROHE Blue has become an even more sustainable water system.

(1) “Product Carbon Footprint for drinking water supply through a Grohe Blue faucet system compared to mineral water”, Tim Schroeder, Prof. Dr. Jutta Geldermann, Georg-August University of Göttingen (2014)
(2) “The real water consumption behind drinking water: The case of Italy”, Journal of Environmental Management 92 (2011)


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA