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GROHE Blue water system – a game changer for everyday life and the planet

  • Tackling climate change: The conscious use of resources such as water is more important than ever

  • Plastic-free future: Water system GROHE Blue makes bottled water obsolete

  • Refined quality: filtered water right from the tap and tailored to individual taste

Düsseldorf, 5 September 2022
– The conscious use of resources is an integral part of current discourse. Rationing of drinking water per household is happening in some regions, and severely low water levels are being seen in well-known rivers and lakes (1) : A more mindful use of water has become relevant for everyone therefore more important than ever. At the same time, there is a lot of plastic finding its way into the planet’s waters. The need to change how we consume resources is obvious. However, changing for the better without restrictions can be a complex issue, since solutions often come with compromises on our personal comfort.
GROHE, a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, is aware of these challenges and offers water systems that enable conscious usage of water without cutting convenience – only a fingertip away. Thanks to the GROHE Blue water system, fresh drinking water straight from the tap not only tastes pure and fresh, but makes everyday life more sustainable, glass by glass. The water system filters tap water and refines the flavour of the local water source at home according to individual taste: Whether one prefers still, medium, or sparkling water, or extra chilled, GROHE Blue has got everyone covered. In addition, with the various designs and colors available, the water systems’ faucet will surely become the latest design statement in any kitchen.

Zero bottles – zero waste

By preventing plastic waste from the get-go, GROHE Blue not only helps combat the global plastic waste problem (2) , but also saves the water and CO2 emissions that occur during the production of bottled water. While in the production process for one liter of bottled water seven liters of water are used (3) and 108.47 grams (4)  of CO2 are required, a water system simply turns one liter of water into one liter of drinking water while requiring only 26.33 grams4 of CO2 per liter – one step towards a more conscious treatment of our resources that cherishes every drop.

Pure drinking pleasure: Conveniently enjoying water from the tap

Switching to local tap water is a choice that will change lives. With GROHE Blue, fresh drinking water is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The water system comes with multiple benefits that improve everyday convenience: It makes extra shopping trips dragging heavy water crates or collecting empty bottles unnecessary – time, space, and energy saved. An additional plus is the taste: GROHE Blue offers pure water enjoyment to individual preference right from the tap at home. Chilled still, medium, or sparkling – everyone can choose their personal favorite. GROHE Blue’s filter technology allows any aroma to develop to the fullest which is especially great for tea and coffee lovers who can use filtered water to prepare their favorite beverage. Conveniently enjoy a glass of water without any compromise on design: The water system’s faucet is available in different shapes and colors, matching any interior style. The newly introduced Velvet Black variant in particular will easily become the new highlight in the kitchen.

With GROHE Blue, consumers are also helping to tackle existing pollution in the world‘s waters: For every sold GROHE Blue between September and December, GROHE will collect 1kg of waste from waters in Europe in collaboration with its partner everwave and their very hungry garbage-cleaning boat CollectiX. Watch how they do this in our People, Places & Events series.


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Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA