GROHE SilkMove ES: the right lever for bathroom energy savings

  • Study shows: consumers aren’t sufficiently aware of the potential of energy-saving solutions

  • Live more consciously: GROHE SilkMove ES (Energy Saving) technology allows the flow only of cold water when the lever is in the middle position, preventing the unnecessary use of hot water

  • Relief for water and energy bills: the right faucet can bring savings of up to €292 per year (1)

Düsseldorf, March 21, 2024—In times of global challenges like the energy crisis and water shortages, a more environmentally conscious lifestyle makes a significant contribution to the protection of our resources. Even small everyday measures can make a big difference—for example, the use of innovative single-lever faucets that help reduce the consumption of hot water and therefore energy. A study by GROHE and smartcon GmbH, however, reveals that many consumers aren’t yet aware of the advantages of such solutions.

Awareness of everyday energy efficiency

63% of respondents know that when the lever of a single-lever faucet is set to the middle position, hot and cold water are mixed and thus energy is used. But the study points out a significant knowledge gap with respect to energy-efficient faucets. Just one-third of those surveyed are familiar with faucets which, with the lever positioned in the middle, save energy by only allowing the flow of cold water. This is where the SilkMove ES technology from GROHE comes into play. Unlike in conventional mixer taps, this technology allows exclusively cold water to flow when the lever is in the middle position. Users can leave the lever in this position without having to worry about unnecessary hot water consumption. After all, let’s be honest—do we really need hot water for everyday rituals such as washing hands and brushing teeth?
The hot water flow is only activated when the lever is deliberately turned to the left. Faucets with SilkMove ES additionally use the water-saving EcoJoy technology, with an integrated flow limiter that lowers water consumption by up to 50%. GROHE’s resource-saving technologies thus bring relief to both energy and water bills.

Savings potential in numbers

When combined with the water-saving function, the cold-start technology offers substantial savings potential. In a four-person household, a conventional washbasin faucet with a flow rate of 8 liters per minute leads to costs of €489 annually. In contrast to this, a water- and energy-saving faucet with a 5-liter flow enables cost reductions of €207, while a faucet with a 3.5-liter flow can reduce costs by as much as €292. These impressive figures show how a reduced flow rate saves not only water but—by lowering hot water consumption—also energy.

A sustainable upgrade for the bathroom

The SilkMove ES technology from GROHE is employed in various faucet lines, such as the classic GROHE Eurosmart, which enjoys great popularity in bathrooms worldwide. The new version of the EuroEco series also combines minimalistic contemporary design with environmentally conscious functions. It is the first faucet to offer cold-start technology in a version with side lever, thus providing an even broader range of faucet design options.

(1) This example calculation is based on the following parameters: a four-person household with 5 minutes’ use of the washbasin faucet per person daily. The cost calculation is based on the following estimate: an energy cost (electricity) of €0.29/kWh and a water cost (not including wastewater) of €0.002/liter. GROHE gives no guarantee for the correctness or accuracy of the results, as the calculation of the water and energy costs depends on the consumer behavior and technical installations on-site.


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Melanie Vrenegor

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