Enjoy water made for your moment – with GROHE Red

  • Boiling hot water on demand: The water system delivers filtered, kettle-hot water straight from the tap

  • Safe water enjoyment for the whole family thanks to TÜV-certified childlock

  • GROHE Red enables a more conscious and sustainable water consumption

Düsseldorf, 23rd November, 2021 – There is nothing like a hot cup of tea and a blanket to cuddle up on the sofa after a long walk on a sunny, yet cold fall day. What stands between you and your warming-up sofa moment is the kettle – and the wait for the water to boil. Or imagine the kids coming home from soccer training hungry like tigers. Pasta is all they long for to fill up their energy reserves. The only thing between them stopping repeatedly asking, “What’s for dinner?” and their freshly prepared pasta moment is: the wait for the water to boil. How often do you start the kettle for a quick cup of tea in between meetings – and when you remember it the water has already cooled off? Thanks to GROHE Red there is no more waiting for the water to boil. The water system delivers filtered, kettle-hot water straight from the tap, eliminating the wait for the water to boil and saving time and space. This way, you get a more comfortable and sustainable water consumption. GROHE Red delivers boiling hot water on demand, made for your moment.

Convenience at a push of a button

For GROHE, enabling convenience in everyday life is of the utmost importance. This is where GROHE Red comes into play: the water system offers filtered water heated to 100°C at the simple push of a button. Available in two sizes, GROHE Red can deliver 3 litres or 5.5 litres of boiling water in an instant while being easy to use and to maintain. Thanks to the integrated filter, the water is descaled – this not only protects the GROHE Red boiler but also improves the taste of tea or any hot drinks. The perfect kitchen addition for all tea lovers and coffee fans.
The innovative water system can simplify life in numerous ways by saving both valuable time and resources: whether it is an aromatic tea or a hot water bottle to get cozy, or the practicality of the
quick disinfection of a baby bottle and blanching vegetables for dinner – hot water is the linchpin of the home and, thanks to GROHE Red, it comes without delay. In addition, GROHE Red also saves space, as the kettle on the kitchen countertop becomes unnecessary.

Safety that matters – for carefree water enjoyment

While GROHE Red delivers boiling water for all core everyday tasks, it makes sure that it never gets too hot to handle. Of course, it has a German TÜV-certified childlock to make sure the little ones in the home do not get hurt by higher water temperatures. Thanks to the well-constructed faucet, your hands are kept cool when using GROHE Red. The faucet comes with an isolated spout for a cool touch, and the water flows precisely without splashing boiling water on the hands – ensuring carefree and safe enjoyment of boiling water on demand without getting into hot water.

Conscious usage of valuable resources

The water system adds to a more sustainable lifestyle by saving on energy and water consumption, as only the exact amount of hot water that is needed is drawn from the tap. Additionally, in pot-filler mode the water automatically stops running after one minute. While some kettles require at least 0.5 litres to get started and often we boil more water than is needed – just to be on the safe side – GROHE Red ensures that hot water leftovers are a thing of the past. Thus, it helps to save precious resources, ultimately cutting the cost of heating unneeded extra water – boiling down to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Making refined local tap water the new normal is the goal of GROHE’s “Made for your water” campaign, which spans the brand’s water system portfolio. Through the campaign, GROHE strives to raise awareness of the advantages of tap water, especially with regards to promoting a sustainable lifestyle and changing consumers’ habits – sip by sip.


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA