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Expert support for individual bathroom solutions – GROHE strengthens role of professional partners

  • Trusted partners: New GROHE campaign inspires consumers with new bathroom solutions installed by professionals

  • Consumer vision, expert work: Consumers look for individualized bathroom design brought to life by installers

  • Dedicated to wholesalers, showrooms, installers and project customers: GROHE Professional offers over 700 exclusive products and needs-oriented services to simplify the everyday work of professional partners

Düsseldorf, 4th April 2023 – Expressing one’s own individuality has become increasingly important in the field of interior design in recent years. This also applies to the bathroom, where consumers are placing more and more emphasis on design as well as quality. Inspired by the latest trends, consumers create a vision of their dream bathroom which is completely in line with their individual lifestyle, but which needs to be brought to life by trusted professional partners.

GROHE, a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, supports sanitaryware wholesalers, installers, showrooms, project customers and kitchen studios in fulfilling the wishes of their customers simply and effortlessly: GROHE Professional was created together with GROHE professional partners to be a unique product and service proposition. The dedicated GROHE Professional range encompasses over 700 products that the brand sells exclusively to the traditional wholesale channel – from reliable bestsellers like GROHE Eurosmart and the new BauEdge ceramics, to the Colors Collection and concealed shower solutions. Thanks to additional comfort features which speed up installation, this allows for the hassle-free planning and implementation of holistic bathrooms. The professional’s everyday work is further facilitated by a comprehensive service and training concept that lets experts stay ahead of competition.
In April 2023, GROHE launches a B2C campaign celebrating the partnership between consumers and their professional partners in realizing individual bathroom concepts – envisioned by the consumer, executed by the expert.

Matching products for individual tastes

The icon of the exclusive GROHE Professional portfolio is GROHE Eurosmart. The favorite product choice of professionals is a true all-rounder, able to meet just about every need and life situation: The versatile but still affordable line comes in a contemporary design and a total of four sizes, ranging from S to XL, in pull-out as well as alternate lever variants, and even a touchless or hybrid version. For holistic interior concepts, even those on a budget, installers and planners will find matching GROHE BauEdge ceramics in the GROHE portfolio. With its soft edges, the collection is a perfect match in terms of design and function with the GROHE Eurosmart faucet. The complete bathroom solution can be complemented by the new Grohtherm 500, which adds an entry-level variant to the Grohtherm family for customers on a budget who want to enjoy the benefits of a thermostat, as well as accessories.

For clients who are looking for more sophisticated design solutions and want to bring color into play, GROHE Essence is the faucet line of choice. Iconic design in highly resistant colors allow customers to demonstrate individual taste and personality. The faucets are characterized by organic forms, slender profiles, and natural lines. New color Phantom Black expands the already wide range of available choices to ten different color and finish options.
For colors like Warm Sunset, Cool Sunrise or Hard Graphite, GROHE uses PVD (physical vapor deposition) technology. This originates from the aerospace industry and has set a new standard for the quality of finishes: During the first step, the pre-treatment, the components are carefully cleaned and heat-treated in an oven where the plastic components undergo a degassing process. During the second step, the PVD coating is applied. This process takes place in a high-vacuum environment and consists of three steps: First, the substrate is cleaned, then the base coat is applied, followed by the paint coat. The process allows for a broader range of colors while at the same time delivering finishes are three times harder and ten times more scratch-resistant than galvanized finishes – allowing the faucets to withstand the toughest demands of everyday use.
As part of LIXIL, the GROHE brand can draw on the extensive production capacity of 17 in-house PVD chambers. This has made it possible to cut delivery times by half for a selected range of GROHE Professional products, supporting our partners to meet the individual needs of consumers with an improved service.

GROHE installation systems have a long tradition within the portfolio: The brand looks back on over 50 successful years of developing concealed cisterns which, thanks to their convenient installation, simplify the daily work of professionals worldwide and enable consumers to design their dream bathrooms. Clients can choose from GROHE ceramics, shower toilets, or the brand's versatile flush plate collection, which is available in up to 12 different colors, all perfectly compatible with our cisterns. The newest addition, the GROHE Rapid SLX, allows for quick and easy adjustments, as all connections can be easily accessed. The integrated flow manager is a particularly useful feature that makes it easy to regulate the flush flow intensity – even after installation. Next to the flow manager, the frame features empty pipes for water and electric lines, making it possible to install a shower toilet at a later time. The universal water connection and the already integrated socket can be accessed via an opening behind the ceramic, making any extensive structural interventions unnecessary.

GROHE’s Professional campaign sends a clear signal that we support professionals as our recommended partners in the implementation of consumers’ bathroom visions. The Professional portfolio, however, does not only make installers’ lives easier thanks to fuss-free working. It also helps to contribute to client satisfaction and in turn to more successful business relationships in the long run. Holistic solutions perfectly matched in form and function not only simplify the consultation process, but also offer upselling opportunities: Creating a whole new bathroom experience – installed by professionals.


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA