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Building the future, together: With GROHE’s sustainable sanitary solutions architects and developers can drive the green transformation in real estate

  • GROHE is architects’ and developers’ trusted partner in creating sustainable projects

  • Reducing buildings’ footprints: GROHE’s product technologies such as SilkMove ES (Energy Saving) help save valuable resources

  • From business partners to impact leaders: Creating joint forces for a more sustainable future

Düsseldorf, 6th April 2022 – While regulatory requirements make sustainable choices a question of necessity, rising energy prices and the finite nature of our world’s resources also drive real estate owners to put sustainability higher and higher on their agendas. Green buildings that were once a luxury or prestige project are quickly becoming the new standard. However, achieving this can only be a collective effort. Architects, designers and developers need partners who provide them with the building blocks for this sustainable future in the real estate sector, allowing them to bridge the gap between environmental and economic necessity while using their own creativity.
GROHE, a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, has been providing sustainability solutions in the sanitary industry for years. As such, the brand is a natural partner for architects and developers who are aiming to make an impact with the buildings they create.

Considering that emissions from buildings and construction constitute almost 40% of global carbon emissions(1), GROHE’s SilkMove ES (Energy Saving) technology alone can have an immediate impact on a building’s resource efficiency. It reduces energy needs by always starting with cold water in the mid-lever position of the faucet, thus preventing the unnecessary use of hot water. In addition, the combined flow restrictor reduces water consumption by up to 50%. While this technology has a significant positive impact on emissions and energy and water usage, architects will appreciate the fact that it does not do so at the expense of performance or design. In addition, this sustainable technology makes a cost difference: For an apartment building with 1,000 units, over 27,000 € can be saved per year.(2)

Meeting growing sustainability demands – a collective effort

With real estate owners and developers prioritizing sustainability more and more, GROHE is pursuing impactful partnerships that will lead to meeting global environmental targets and clients’ economic requirements alike. With GROHE’s sustainable technologies, architects, designers and developers can drive the green transformation in real estate – merging creative vision with technological excellence for true impact leadership. They can turn from business partners into impact leaders – being ready for tomorrow today.

(1) European Commission, 2020

(2) Calculation base: 1,000 apartments with one basin for family of four


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA