Grohe Plus


GROHE Plus supports energy and water saving with digital temperature display

  • Precise control of water temperature with integrated LED display

  • Environmentally conscious water consumption thanks to Eco Spray

  • Architectural silhouette makes a design statement at the washbasin

Düsseldorf, 23rd June 2021
– The number on the LED display increases with precision, the color changes from a cool blue to a warm dark red – with the temperature display of its Plus faucet, the global GROHE brand now offers users the possibility to accurately control the water temperature. The digital upgrade within the existing GROHE Plus collection thus not only allows safe water enjoyment, but also supports users’ increasing desire for sustainable living. This is made possible by the principle of “nudging”, a concept from behavioral economics. Through the visual color change, users are made aware of when hot water is flowing – often unnecessarily – in order to avoid wasting energy. This promotes responsible use of the valuable resource water and saves energy at the same time.

The eco-friendly functionality of GROHE Plus is reinforced by a touchless swipe over the lit icon on the top of the faucet, which allows users to switch from the standard spray to the water-saving Eco Spray setting in an instant. With a flow rate of just four liters per minute, water consumption is thus significantly reduced – without compromising on comfort. The GROHE Plus collection is also future-oriented in its hybrid design language, which skillfully combines round and square elements. This makes the faucet a real statement for every modern bathroom, both in terms of sustainability and design.

Progressive design for elegant features in the bathroom

The dynamic design language of GROHE Plus is inspired by the arc, which symbolizes both strength and lightness. Combining circular shapes with the crisp, clean lines of a cube, GROHE Plus creates an exciting architectural silhouette. At the same time, the design supports ergonomic comfort and invites interaction. The 90-degree swivel spout also increases user-friendliness and allows room for flexible movement at the washbasin.

The combination of cubic and organic shapes not only distinguishes GROHE Plus aesthetically, but also makes the faucet the perfect counterpart to both square and round ceramic lines such as GROHE Essence or GROHE Cube – all according to personal interior design style. To complete the harmonious overall look of the bathroom, the two-tone surface of the LED display made of chrome and high-quality acrylic glass in MoonWhite is also found in the shower with the GROHE SmartControl thermostat and the GROHE Rainshower SmartActive head showers.

In addition to the digital version, the GROHE Plus collection includes a wide selection of classic single-lever mixers in different sizes and with additional functions such as a pull-out spout, wall-mounted 2-hole basin mixers, faucets for shower and tub, and an extravagant freestanding bathtub solution. For even greater design freedom according to individual tastes, GROHE Plus is available in Chrome, SuperSteel and Brushed Hard Graphite– in the digital version with a black display.


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA