Forward-thinking bathroom design with GROHE Eurosmart

Future-ready bathroom design with GROHE Eurosmart

  • The population over 50 is constantly growing and offers new sales opportunities

  • Forward-thinking bathroom consultation: Different Eurosmart lever variants serve the needs of consumers at different stages of life

  • For those who need extra protection: GROHE SafetyStop technology prevents burns


Düsseldorf, October 2021 – Undoubtedly our society is becoming older. By 2060 one in three Europeans will be over 65. (1) But the modern seniors, the so-called ‘silver society’, age differently – they remain agile and have a positive attitude towards life and ageing (2). The ‘silver society’ is already the third largest economy in the world and will grow further in the coming years (3). The seniors of tomorrow think ahead when renovating and search for products that work for them today, but also tomorrow when they are getting older and might need assistance in their daily routines. Taking care of personal hygiene at home is a major concern. Thus, it is crucial to consult customers in their ‘silver years’ with the right products in order to maintain their personal independence and freedom, especially in an intimate sphere like the bathroom, for as long as possible.

“When we think about our customers of tomorrow, they are most likely approaching their ‘silver years’. While they are officially of or near retirement age, the modern seniors are fit and want products that will support them with daily obstacles, even in 10-20 years when their vision decreases or their motor skills are diminishing. So we need to ask ourselves: How can we support our partners and their customers with reliable products that are future-ready? Our GROHE Eurosmart has evolved with every generation, and is a great example of how to react to changing needs with meaningful products and allow our business partners to harness the potential of new target groups,” says Jonas Brennwald, Leader LIXIL EMENA.

Diverse lever variants for diverse lifestyles

GROHE ensures that the Eurosmart portfolio always grows in line with changing society’s requirements and that it keeps adapting to modern needs. The different lever variants are a good example how the faucet line is directly related to customer’s lives. The Eurosmart Loop lever offers important support for elderly people with limited motor skills, as its cut-out center simplifies gripping. A big help for everyday bathroom rituals is also provided by a new pull-out spout variant which offers full flexibility and extra user comfort. Customers enjoy more room to manoeuvre – perfect for supporting and enhancing the daily washing routine.

When safety plays a role

In addition to comfort, safety also plays a special role when ageing. The Eurosmart SafetyStop feature provides effective thermostatic protection by limiting the maximum hot water temperature to a preadjustable value. It ensures that the desired water temperature remains constant, and effectively shuts off the hot water if the cold water supply fails – particularly important for facilities for children, senior citizens or people with restrictions in sensory or motor skills.






Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA