Small changes, big impact: GROHE Blue

Small changes, big impact: Sustainability meets convenience with water system GROHE Blue!

  • Tailored to the needs of today’s customers: GROHE Blue offers the perfect balance between comfort and resourcefulness

  • Enhancing the kitchen experience: GROHE enables kitchen partners to offer a striking solution which makes their clients stand out

  • Made for your water: GROHE launches local activation as part of a broad, attentionboosting 360° marketing campaign

Düsseldorf, September 2021 – It is becoming increasingly important for consumers to integrate more sustainable routines into their everyday lives. As a result, consumers seek products that reconcile their high demands for convenience and quality with a clear conscience towards the environment. With its water system Blue, GROHE, a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, offers its partners an innovative solution that supports more sustainable consumption and a more mindful lifestyle: Refined local water right from the kitchen faucet – chilled and filtered in still, medium or sparkling. Thanks to this smart functionality, GROHE Blue is time-, space- and resource-saving, providing at the same time the highest quality standards and perfect taste. Tailored to the demands of modern kitchens, planners will recommend an unrivalled highlight that makes every 60cm around the sink stand out while empowering their customers to make a real difference towards more sustainable water consumption.

Made for modern kitchen experiences

Also in the kitchen, consumers are looking for products that not only help them make their everyday life more convenient and environmentally-friendly, but also meet their high demands
with regards to design and functionality. The water system GROHE Blue equips professional partners with a solution that effectively combines the best of all worlds: A timeless kitchen faucet transforming local tap water into filtered, chilled, still, medium or sparkling drinking water at the touch of a button, while eliminating single-use plastic bottles from the kitchen one glass at a time. The heart of the product is the cooler – equipped with a state-of-the-art filter technology, it removes any impurities ensuring tasty, clean water quality. Even coffee and tea will taste better – thanks to the GROHE Blue filter technology, any aroma can develop to the fullest. And even after use the filter cartridge is still valuable as a true source of raw materials: GROHE collects the used filters and passes them on to its filter supplier BWT, where 99% of materials are recycled. With the new take-back system, GROHE Blue has become an even more sustainable water system.

An innovation with real impact

A recent study on consumer behavior in Europe shows: Over one-third of consumers prefers to buy brands that are committed to protecting the environment. In the decision-making process, the reflection of values and purpose is also a priority, less the price.(1) With GROHE Blue which was awarded with the German Sustainability Award Design 2021, GROHE supports kitchen retailers in proactively shaping this trend, positioning themselves as thought-leaders in the area of sustainability, offering educative consultations regarding sustainability and products that convince consumers through real added value. The arguments are simple: With a GROHE Blue water system in their kitchen, customers can actively transform into a plastic bottle-free household ,which also has an impact on the CO2 footprint – each litre of water from GROHE Blue creates up to 61% less CO2 emissions compared to bottled water. (2) A convenient side effect: With GROHE Blue consumers can further save money and space, because buying and storing water boxes is a thing of the past. Plus, the water system is a true space-saver itself: With its compact design, the GROHE Blue Home cooler fits in any standard kitchen cabinet below the sink. Only 20cm breadth is required, leaving enough space for the waste system.


Discover more about the campaign “Made for your water” on our content platform GROHE X.


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Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA