GROHE Blue Pure

GROHE Blue Pure

Water enjoyment straight from the tap: experience fresh water with GROHE Blue Pure

  • The GROHE Blue Pure water system turns local water into delicious refreshment right from the tap

  • Discovering the taste of water with GROHE’s filter portfolio and the new Reverse Osmosis filters

  • For a more sustainable and convenient lifestyle – say goodbye to dragging of heavy water creates and collecting big piles of plastic bottles

Düsseldorf, 7 November 2022 - Whether it is summer or winter – no matter the season: Drinking enough water is important for human bodies to be able to perform. However, uncertainty is high when it comes to drinking water from the tap. Many are unsure about the quality and some just simply do not like the taste of the water coming from their kitchen faucet. Thanks to GROHE Blue Pure there is no reason to hesitate as consumers can enjoy refined water right from the tap. The water system comes in four newly relaunched designs – as C-, L-, U- and L-shaped spout with pull-out. The faucets not only add a modern highlight to the kitchen – the advanced filter technology makes the best out of local water and turns it into a delicious refreshment. Enjoying a glass of water with GROHE Blue Pure also enhances the sustainability and comfort of everyday life.

A bottle free zone for a more sustainable lifestyle

Drinking tap water has a lot of benefits: The convenience of getting freshly filtered water straight from the kitchen faucet on demand makes bottled water become obsolete. The filter’s space-saving shape effortlessly fits the kitchen cabinet. By replacing plastic bottles with filtered tap-water, everyone can help combat the global plastic waste problem (1). Moreover, CO2 emissions and water consumption that occur in the production process of bottled water are saved (2). Sustainable living does not have to mean compromise, it’s even more comfortable: Dragging of heavy water crates, running out of water or last-minute supermarket trips as well as collecting big piles of plastic bottles are a thing of the past. With the water source in the kitchen fresh and filtered drinking water is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The perfect match for every water condition

Convenient drinking pleasure on demand: GROHE’s selection of individual filter solutions are a perfect match not only to the GROHE Blue Pure faucet, but most importantly to any local tap water. With the right filter, everyone can experience the pureness of water and its delicious taste. For soft water areas a simple filtration is the go-to solution like GROHE’s activated carbon filters. It’s the ultimate start for water enhancement as it extracts rough particles like sand and dirt for optimal water quality straight out of the faucet. By reducing bad tasting substances like chlorine, it is a perfect fit for the GROHE Blue Pure faucet to turn anyone’s water into pure drinking pleasure.
For regions with hard water, the Bronze level Cradle to Cradle Certified® S-, M-, or L-filters are the ideal match. When combined with the GROHE Blue water system, this filter cartridge passes the water through several stages of filtration and reduces unwanted substances, and limescale.
A true water enhancer is the Bronze level Cradle to Cradle Certified® Magnesium and Zinc filter as it adds up to 35mg of magnesium and 3mg of zinc per liter of water. The filter delivers the best tasting tea and coffee possible. An unbeatable combination!

To ensure safe water use from the local tap GROHE’s Blue UltraSafe filter is the right fit. It improves the quality of drinking water and goes a step further than just delivering clean and delicious water. It removes the smallest particles like microplastics (> 1µm), 99,999% of bacteria and 99,5 % of lead. The optimal choice for hygienic water usage.

GROHE’s new allrounder in the filtration universe is the nature-inspired Reverse Osmosis filter. A reverse osmosis membrane allows water molecules to pass and stops bacteria and other impurities. It is one of the most advanced technologies to significantly reduce all impairing substances such as metals, plastics, bacteria, viruses, and hormones from the water. The result: the purest drinking water (3). To top it off: The Reverse Osmosis Mineralization filter even adds silicate and magnesium to the water. For a next level taste experience right from the tap at home.

Combining the GROHE Blue Pure with a suitable filter, a glass of fresh water straight from the kitchen faucet is ready to drink without any worries.


(1) With GROHE Blue, a family of four can save around 800 single-use plastic bottles each year: DUH 2019,

(2) “The real water consumption behind drinking water: The case of Italy”, Journal of Environmental Management 92 (2011) “Creation of a Product Carbon Footprint for GROHE water systems for drinking and hot water supply”, Sebastian Schär, Prof. Dr. Jutta Geldermann, University Duisburg-Essen (2021).

(3) “One-Step Reverse Osmosis Based on Riverbank Filtration for Future Drinking Water Purification”: Engineering 2022,


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA