GROHE Blue Fizz

GROHE launches first water carbonator in November: Expansion of water system portfolio with entry-level product GROHE Blue Fizz

  • Highly convenient for everyone’s taste: New water carbonator GROHE Blue Fizz offers a CO2 level pre-set, giving consumers the desired amount of carbonation with just one push

  • Unique comfort feature: Integrated display of the advanced version shows the remaining capacity of the CO2 cylinder

  • Enabling a new target group: GROHE Blue Fizz strengthens water system portfolio, while offering sustainable drinking water enjoyment for everyone

Düsseldorf, 1 November 2023
– Drinking water straight from the tap is a trend that has been on the rise for the past decade, with convenience, cost savings and sustainability as the main drivers. With this change in habits, kitchen experts depend on innovative solutions to meet the needs of their customers. GROHE, a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, offers the right portfolio to create meaningful kitchen experiences. GROHE water systems enhance tap water to allow pure drinking water enjoyment. Consumers can choose from solutions that filter, carbonate or cool their tap water – or do it all in one. The latest addition to this portfolio is the GROHE Blue Fizz, a portable water carbonator that makes GROHE's quality water systems available to all consumers: from homeowners to renters, from families or singles to students.

“GROHE Blue Fizz is more than just a water carbonator. It is the entry product for the world of GROHE Blue, where water consumption is not only convenient, but also more sustainable. By expanding our portfolio, we are able to reach new consumers and increase awareness of our entire brand and watersystem portfolio – especially among a younger target group,” said Katharina Lattmann, Leader, GROHE Watersystems, LIXIL EMENA.

Designed for the optimal sparkling water

GROHE Blue Fizz is designed to suit different tastes and needs: It is available in three colors (black, white and black/white) and two versions (basic and advanced). The nozzle that comes into contact with water is made of stainless steel for greater durability and hygiene. This is also supported by the unique cleaning powder which cleans water carbonator and bottle with one push. The fast connection of the 0.85 liters water bottle ensures an easy usage, as does the pre-set CO2 level switch. It allows consumers to set the desired CO2 level – soft, medium or sparkling – and thanks to the one push technology, the water is carbonated perfectly to their individual taste in just one step. The CO2 cylinder can be easily replaced with a quick twist and lift mechanism.

The advanced version goes one step further and eliminates a major pain point of water carbonators: The integrated display shows the remaining capacity of the CO2 cylinder. This means consumers will never run out of CO2 without knowing and having a spare cylinder on hand. The display is powered by a USB-C battery that only needs to be plugged in to recharge. Once charged, GROHE Blue Fizz is completely self-contained, so it is mobile and can be placed anywhere. This makes it an upgrade for any household.

GROHE Blue Fizz is currently only available in Germany.

Find out more about our GROHE Blue portfolio on the dedicated Watersystems website.


Contact Card_Natalie Kujat
Contact Card_Natalie Kujat

Natalie Kujat

Communications Manager LIXIL EMENA