GROHE Blue Filter Tap Water

GROHE Blue: UltraSafe Filter

Pure taste and full safety with GROHE Blue Filter faucets

  • The GROHE Blue UltraSafe filter improves quality of drinking water

  • Usable with GROHE Blue Pure, Blue Home, and Blue Professional

  • With a new, simple take-back system for the recycling of filter cartridges, GROHE Blue becomes even more sustainable


Düsseldorf, March 16 2021 – Water is a vital resource. But not everywhere in the world is the quality of water good enough to use it directly from the tap. As a result, bottled water often replaces tap water when it comes to preparing coffee or tea or grabbing a quick glass of water. GROHE Blue filter faucets prove that things can be done differently – thanks to the UltraSafe filter.


Fresh water without bacteria and microplastics 

At the heart of every GROHE Blue Filter faucet is the intelligent filtration system that ensures clean and delicious water right in your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The GROHE UltraSafe Filter goes even one step further and removes not only the smallest plastic particles but also impurities.

The filtration process transforms the faucet into a source of pure water: As water enters the GROHE Blue faucet, the filter removes coarse particles which can taint tap water. In a second step, an ultrafiltration membrane eradicates 99,9999% of all bacteria. The taste of the water is then improved by using activated carbon to purify the water, removing all substances from the water that impair its taste and quality: chlorines, biocides, and pesticides. In a final stage, even the finest remaining particles are captured with precision.

Consumers can choose: For people who prefer the pure taste of still water a GROHE Blue Pure filter faucet is the perfect choice. For others, who like their water chilled and sparkling, the GROHE Blue Home or GROHE Blue Professional water systems are an ideal fit. All GROHE Blue systems can be equipped with the UltraSafe filter for extra-safe drinking water enjoyment. The days of lugging heavy bottles of water home from the supermarket are finally over.


Recycling made easy: consumer-friendly take-back system

With GROHE Blue, users take a step towards a more sustainable everyday life – without much effort. From now on, users of the GROHE Blue water system are able to further reduce plastic waste as GROHE has developed a take-back system for used filters in collaboration with filter supplier BWT with the aim of improving recycling. The filter cartridge, a central element of GROHE Blue technology, must be replaced regularly. To save this true source of raw material, the filter cartridge can now be returned to GROHE after use. GROHE collects the used filters and passes them on to BWT, where 99% of materials are recycled. The plastics are processed into granules, the resin used in the filters is regenerated and partly used in new cartridges, and only 1% waste is left over. With the new take-back system, GROHE Blue has become an even more sustainable water system.  


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

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