GROHE Tempesta 250

Personalized shower happiness

Customized shower happiness made by GROHE and professionals

  • Elevating daily routines: GROHE’s new campaign empowers installers to turn ordinary shower experiences into moments of pure joy

  • Perfect match in form and function: GROHE shower systems as all-in-one solution allow for seamless consultation and hassle-free installation

  • Comprehensive portfolio for tailored experience: different color and design options cater to diverse consumer preferences

Düsseldorf, April 23, 2024 – Long gone are the days when showering was just about getting clean. A recent GROHE survey found that in addition to cleansing, 64% of respondents associate showering with relaxation, followed by wellness (41%) and me-time (40%). (1) Showering has become a ritual that brings a little happiness into our lives, drop by drop. But that happiness is different for every consumer, just like the features that can contribute to it. From different spray patterns to vibrant colors and holistic designs: Customization is the key to real shower happiness – and so are the professional partners who make these shower dreams come true.

GROHE, a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, supports its professional partners in creating individualized shower experiences with a comprehensive shower solutions portfolio. Backed by nearly 90 years of manufacturing expertise, GROHE shower systems are reliable, built to last, and designed for customer satisfaction.
With a range of color, design and feature options, the portfolio caters to the needs of every consumer. All-in-one solutions perfectly matched in form and function – such as the bestselling GROHE Tempesta or the innovative GROHE Euphoria SmartControl shower systems – enable installers to provide a seamless consultation and ensure an easy installation. On top, clever water- and energy-saving features guarantee that consumers can enjoy a sustainable showering experience without compromising on comfort.

Versatile options for a versatile consumer group

Launching in April 2024, the GROHE’s Shower Happiness campaign highlights the importance of a personalized shower experience and inspires consumers to create their dream shower by shining spotlight on two highlights from its portfolio:
For consumers searching for reliable showering pleasure at an affordable price, the GROHE Tempesta shower system with Grohtherm thermostat is the ideal solution. The 250mm head shower creates a generous showering area with the refreshing Rain Spray and has an appealing slim profile. The 110mm hand shower offers three spray patterns – the soft Rain, the revitalizing Massage and the powerful Jet spray. Consumers can easily switch between head and hand shower thanks to the Grohtherm thermostat. Both shower heads feature the water-saving technology GROHE EcoJoy for reduced water consumption without sacrificing performance.
The GROHE Euphoria SmartControl 310 shower system on the other hand puts the consumer in complete control. The innovative GROHE SmartControl technology makes it easy to customize the showering experience. At the push-turn of a button consumers can switch between and/or combine the head and hand shower as well as select the perfect spray pattern and water volume. The 310mm swivel head shower comes with two spray options (soft GROHE PureRain and powerful GROHE ActiveRain), while the 110mm hand shower even gives consumers a choice of three different sprays – the soothing Rain, the water-saving SmartRain and the invigorating Massage spray.

For ultimate customization, the shower heads of both systems are available in round or square designs as well as different colors. From classic chrome to the trend color black – installers can give their customers the freedom of choice to create their personal sanctuary, tailored to their unique preferences and styles.


(1) GROHE commissioned a representative survey with OPINION market research and consulting in five countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Netherlands). The survey was conducted in March 2024, with a total of 2,501 people interviewed.


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Contact Card_Natalie Kujat

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