Sauce Atlas

GROHE Sauce Atlas

GROHE publishes Sauce Atlas with recipes from across the globe to support sustainable cooking pleasure

  • From Acuka to Zhoug: cookbook with 51 reinterpretations of the world’s tastiest sauces to support sustainable cooking pleasure and the responsible use of water

  • Expertise from Sweden: valuable insights from zero-waste chef Paul Svensson and professor in preventive cardiology Mai-Lis Hellénius

  • Straight from the kitchen: the resource-saving GROHE water systems enable consumers to make a direct contribution to a sustainable world while cooking

Düsseldorf, 11th November 2021 – Water is the most valuable resource and basis of all life on our planet. For survival, and above all for a healthy lifestyle, we need sufficient quantities of water every day. It nourishes and purifies our body but also our home, our city and our planet. Taking a closer look at the kitchen, which is more and more becoming a multifunctional living space for family and friends, water plays an essential role when it comes to cooking: From pasta water to broths, soups or sauces – it is the base for nearly every meal and therefore indispensable for both hobby chefs as well as professionals.

As a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, GROHE publishes the Sauce Atlas. The cookbook features 51 reinterpretations of the world’s tastiest sauce classics, all having one ingredient in common: water. All of the recipes are created by the Swedish zero-waste chef and restauranteur Paul Svensson, in cooperation with Mai-Lis Hellénius, a professor in preventive cardiology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. In his recipes, Paul Svensson replaces less healthy ingredients with nutritious yet tasty alternatives while Mai-Lis Hellénius provides the readers with further health benefits. GROHE mainly pursues two goals with the publication of the Sauce Atlas: supporting sustainable cooking pleasure and the responsible use of water.

Recipes which do good

Different to most cookbooks, the Sauce Atlas is structured ‘back-to-front' by giving the sauce a starring role. Thanks to a smart recipe register, and helpful tips which come with each sauce
recipe, consumers can easily see which ingredients go best with each other. “The task of a sauce is to make the other components in a dish shine, and not least to combine them in the best way by balancing the flavours and turning the individual pieces into an enjoyable whole,” Paul Svensson says of the idea behind the Sauce Atlas. But besides all pleasure, the topic of sustainability is not neglected in his kitchen either. Svensson is passionate about the “Green Kitchen” and questions sustainability in every decision he makes, striving for a kitchen that achieves zero waste. “As home cooks, we do our best to conserve water, we check our habits so not to over water the vegetable patch or leave the tap running whilst washing up. I like to use the water when I cook vegetables for my next broth, soup or sauce base. This behaviour is not frugal or stingy, but smart and considered.”

Resource-saving tips and tricks

By using a few new ingredients and changed proportions, the beloved sauce classics listed in GROHE’s Sauce Atlas become healthier and at the same time use less of the earth's resources. Combined with the innovative GROHE water systems, such as the GROHE Red which offers filtered water heated to 100°C at the simple push of a button directly from the kitchen faucet, consumers can now easily make a direct contribution to a sustainable world while preparing their favorite dish. To avoid unnecessary waste of food afterwards, a special “Leftover Magic” section further provides helpful tips on how to use up sauce leftovers – an ideal solution for a more conscious and less wasteful food experience.

The Sauce Atlas can be read via this link. Please note that the content of the Sauce Atlas is not for publication due to copyrights.


Sarah Bagherzadegan
Sarah Bagherzadegan

Sarah Bagherzadegan

Leader Brand Communications LIXIL EMENA