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Wow Of The Week

The GROHE Rainshower 310 SmartConnect

The Smart Showerhead – Rainshower 310 Smartconnect

Beautifully designed fittings completely change your bathroom and can elevate it to new heights - introducing the smart shower head of the GROHE Rainshower 310 SmartConnect to your bathroom scape makes it simple for anyone to upgrade to a much more versatile, luxurious and enjoyable new shower experience. It has been specifically designed for retrofitting, with both round and cube models, and wall- and ceiling-mounted versions available, to fit within any existing bathroom scheme. The most attractive feature is that it allows you to conveniently switch between the 2 spray types via a wireless remote control. It doesn’t matter whether your bathroom is ultra-modern, minimalist, or shouts decadence – the smart rain shower head is for you and your bathroom! 

Smart Rainshower Design

The slim and sleek profile of the round Rainshower model adds a clean contemporary, sleek look to your bathroom, yet is robustly designed, providing longevity of use. This super modern and ultra clean profile provided by the square Rainshower model sits perfectly within every conceivable bathroom scheme. A beautifully designed 420mm GROHE Shower Arm and a 420mm GROHE Shower Arm with square escutcheon are also available to complement and complete your new smart rainshower. Both smart rainshower styles come with GROHE StarLight chrome finish, this GROHE technology ensures that your new smart rain shower head will look as stunning in years to come as it does right now. 

Let it rain

The smart shower system comes with two desirable spray options - refreshing PureRain spray which is perfect if you need a bit of relaxation and the targeted and powerful ActiveRain, perfect for a more invigorating shower. Both settings can be enjoyed separately or activated in combination for your perfect shower experience. 

It also offers users the ultimate comfort of a remote control. The wireless, battery-operated smart bathroom shower control can be attached with glue or screws anywhere in the shower cabin, it does not have to be connected to the mains and therefore lets you choose or change your preferred spray type in the most convenient way. Gone are the days of inconveniently having to reach up to the shower head to change the spray type. Thanks to the remote control which can be installed at eyelevel, a new shower experience is just a touch away. The ultimate luxury, tailored to your personal requirements awaits you!

The smart shower head can be easily installed by simply using an adjustable wrench. Even the batteries are included and can be inserted into the smart shower head by removing the cover without tools, even with a coin or remote control. The wireless remote control comes with adhesive tape as standard so it can be attached anywhere inside the shower cabin, alternatively screws can also be used to attach the control unit. Installation is a very easy process, thanks to the useful installation video from GROHE which also helps pair the remote control for the GROHE Rainshower 310 SmartConnect. The installation video provides a supremely simple visual and audio guide. 

Created as an achievable, speedily fitted upgrade that will take your shower experiences to the next level, however you desire them to be. No wonder we’ve made the GROHE Rainshower 310 SmartConnect a WOW of The Week.

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