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GROHE SPA installation at Milan Design Week

Welcome to our GROHE SPA experience

A deep appreciation of the role water plays in our lives has informed GROHE’s inspire since its beginnings. Hydration, hygiene and recreation are all enabled by a reliable, safe water source. But the bathroom is moving on. Consumers are no longer satisfied with just a functional space. As the home has evolved into a space of retreat, so the bathroom has had to grow to meet specific demands: as a zone of regeneration where personal growth, relaxation and pure, moments of bliss can be pursued.


GROHE SPA responds to this trend. The word SPA originally comes from the first letters of ‘Salus Per Aquam’, Latin for ‘Health Through Water’. This is the founding concept behind GROHE SPA. It curates exclusive, luxurious products to create unique wellbeing areas that allow the user to become immersed in soothing water rituals. This has been achieved by making unprecedented levels of customization GROHE SPA’s unique offering. Products that were already brilliantly refined have been revitalized and enhanced by the introduction of new options in terms of finish, colour, style and interaction, so that they each become expressive of a personal design ethos. While in combination they create a multisensory experience and soothed according to individual taste, and genuine personal renewal is made possible.  

The installation at the Pinacoteca di Brera as part of Milan Design Week perfectly encapsulates the GROHE SPA concept. Designed by the in-house design and brand identity team LIXIL Global Design, the water surface installation reflects the stunning architecture of the art museum including the statue of Napoleon at the center by one of the most important sculptors of his days, Antonio Canova. The stillness of the water expands the place and creates almost an illusion, while representing cleanliness and wellbeing. Four cubes are placed in each of the courtyard’s corners to provide interior spaces where the GROHE SPA products are showcased. A mirror surface is used on all these cubes to contribute to the infinite look of the installation.

Each of the four cubes nestled into the space is dedicated to one of four tiers that bring GROHE SPA to life. There are metal, 3D-printed products; the GROHE Atrio and Allure Private Collections; the extended range of the GROHE Colours Collection; and an immersive shower experience powered by GROHE Aqua . Visitors will be in for an emotional and sensory experience like nothing else. They can marvel at the most advanced processes in the form of 3D printing, which creates precision pieces that deliver the best performance. The Private Collections allow the customer to personalize every element of a product – for example, handle style, colour, even the beautiful Caesarstone quartz inserts – to make pieces for their home spa that are unique to them. The expanded range of the GROHE Colours Collection allows the most refined design vision to be realized. While the GROHE Aqua personalised shower experience transports the user to a place of bliss. The installation offers refinement, customization, design vision and total immersion – all of which are brought together in GROHE SPA.