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The Brit List 2022 Awards

Robert Godwin, Room2 Chiswick – Hotelier of the Year

Robert Godwin is no ordinary hotelier. And his latest hotel, Room2 Chiswick in London, is no ordinary hotel. It is the first the world to be whole-life net-zero in terms of carbon emissions. It uses considerably less energy than normal hotels thanks to clever use of heat pumps and solar panels. A strict no waste to landfill policy means that every consumable is either reused or recycled. And all loose furniture is made by craftspeople within ten miles of the hotel. They even make their own honey from beehives on the roof! Such original thinking and commitment to sustainability has won Robert and Room2 Hotelier of the Year at the Brit List Awards 2022.

Robert describes the Room2 concept as a “hometel”, not a hotel. Home means different things to different people, and Robert and his team did a lot of work refining the idea and turning it into a working model. The idea is that guests feel they are living – not simply staying – at Room2. One should feel as free to eat, sleep, relax and work in the way you would at home – but with the added convenience of a hotel. It’s also important to Robert that guests get the experience of the new neighbourhood they’re in, hence the local interior touches. 

Robert is committed to sustainability in more than just the ecological sense. He represents a new generation in his family’s business, so he wants Room2 to have a family feel too. That means retaining and nurturing staff and providing them with a place to grow and build their careers. This is an all-round approach to creating a successful future for the sector, and Robert is confident that other hoteliers will follow. Enjoy our interview with this uniquely talented business innovator. 

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