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Making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere

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All brands in the LIXIL portfolio strive towards the same purpose: Making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. To achieve this requires a deep understanding of consumers – how they live, what their needs and aspirations are, and what do they expect from their living spaces. Every product development and design process at LIXIL starts with this consumer-centric thinking.

Paul Flowers, Leader LIXIL Global Design

A diverse and multidisciplinary team of industry experts

At the six major in-house design studios in Tokyo, Tokoname, New York, London, Düsseldorf and Singapore, the LIXIL Global Design team is creating distinctive experiences for its iconic brands, based on comprehensive analysis of trends and consumer insights.

We’ve carefully located our LIXIL Global Design studios in the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities around the world – to benefit from diversity of thought, which comes from diversity of culture, perspective and location.

By combining this experience-based design approach with LIXIL’s advanced technologies, the brand is developing meaningful products that solve real-life challenges and add value to the daily lives of so many people around the world.

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Our studios are equipped with prototyping facilities, such as 3D printers, materials, swatch libraries and display areas so the teams can ideate, refine the solutions and engage with other functions to facilitate the development process.

Transforming trends and insights into experiences for our consumers and value for the LIXIL brand.

At LIXIL Global Design our designers use a unique and specifically tailored process to transform trends and insights into experiences for our consumers and value for the LIXIL brand. This process relies on a “creative tool box” of Brand Values, Style Segmentation and Signature Elements that the design team have defined to clearly communicate the brand intention.

Our multidisciplinary and international teams actively monitor trends and consumer insights and extensively use prototyping. This ensures that the products and experiences created are truly relevant to the selected target audience and enhance their lives both emotionally and functionally.

We create relevant, purpose-driven designs that matter to people and create an emotional connection.

Good ideas come from all corners of the organization

For the GROHE brand, the Düsseldorf based team around Patrick Speck, Leader LIXIL Global Design EMENA, is taking care that every GROHE product represents the Brands design DNA and adds real value to the consumers lives.
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At GROHE we genuinely believe that bringing meaningful products to life is the collective work of cross-functional teams, ensuring brand consistency throughout all touchpoints.
Macro Trends
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Our award-winning in-house design team is a multidisciplinary and multicultural group of industry experts, that ensures a deep connection with the hearts of our consumers, understanding their different needs and culture throughout the entire designing process.

We apply GROHE’s distinctive design language to create a unique and coherent portfolio of products that consistently reflects our brand values: superior quality, technology, sustainability and design.

Having an in-house design team enables us to create a strong knowledge base of the products and our industry. It makes us more market responsive, as our team can continuously track shifts in demand and connects us to the latest industry and societal trends.

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We design our products to be easy to use, allowing consumers to keep their products for longer and use them more efficiently. We are always conscious of who we are designing for and the total experience we intend to create. We revel in our ability to inspire and excite the world, challenge and break paradigms, influence and form the future.
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