Enjoy water

Made for your moment

Hot water is the start of the most beautiful moments


Most good things start with hot water:

There’s nothing like an aromatic cup of tea for some much-needed me-time or some delicious pasta for socializing over a bubbly family dinner.

A shortcut to having time for what really matters

Time is valuable and, in busy everyday life, finding moments to consciously reflect and relish are precious. Wouldn’t you like to spend more time enjoying your special hot water moment and less time preparing it?

The GROHE Red water system is a shortcut to what’s best:

It eliminates the wait for the water to boil and it delivers filtered, 100°C hot water straight from the tap, saving valuable time and space.

Boiling hot water in an instant. Just imagine what could be done with all that spare time!


Cooking together and sociable dinners make for some of the most memorable moments. But preparing them and washing up afterwards can take up the largest part of the day. With hot water on tap, GROHE Red is the perfect kitchen helpmate: From now on, the preparation of pasta, filling pots, and cleaning up afterwards are easy and quick.

Now there is less waiting time for the freshly prepared family dinner and more time to enjoy it together. 

Aromatic enjoyment on demand

When getting ready for the day, taking a break, or cozying up on the sofa in the evening, the companionship of a good cup of hot tea or a full-bodied coffee is a must.

Sourcing boiling water from GROHE Red delivers a whole new aromatic experience to those important daily moments. Your favorite drink – no matter whether tea or coffee – will taste better thanks to the water system’s integrated filter, which descales the water. This improves the taste of hot drinks and makes their preparation as quick as a flash.

With GROHE Red, it's touch-of-a-button convenience. Your hot drink is ready whenever you are!


A supportive helpmate for family life

Spending time with loved ones should be a priority – waiting for the kettle shouldn’t

With a new family addition, disinfecting baby bottles, warming meals and other household tasks take up a lot of time. In everyday family life, there almost never seems to be enough time just to pause and enjoy precious moments together. This is why smart helpmates such as GROHE Red are warmly welcomed – and can be like another helping hand with all the necessary tasks. More bonding time and less waiting.

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Even though GROHE Red is all about hot water, it makes sure the whole family stays safely cool: Its certified childlock makes sure little ones do not get hurt by hot water from the faucet. That’s why GROHE Red is made for the whole family’s moments


No matter if you prefer steaming hot or chilled – GROHE’s diverse portfolio of water systems offers just the right solution for you and your kitchen.

Bring the most local source of fresh, delicious drinking water into your home with the GROHE Blue water system – purified, chilled, still, medium or sparkling. There is no more need for plastic. Endless possibilities for water enjoyment to suit every taste – on demand!


Sourcing water locally adds to a more sustainable lifestyle, too! The GROHE Blue is a true all-rounder when it comes to reducing resource consumption and promoting conscious usage.

Go local and get ready for a greener drinking-water lifestyle from tap to table!

From tap to table