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Versatility for a modern, urban life

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Moving into the first own apartment with your first big love – this is a true milestone in life. Planning the new place offers up the chance to express your very personal style. No matter if it is a spacious loft or a small flat, to create a beautiful home, high quality, simplicity as well as budget-friendly design is wanted.

The heart of the home: Your kitchen

Cooking events, a romantic weekend brunch or a get-together with friends the kitchen is the true heart of your home.

Some of the most beautiful and unforgettable moments take place here. To set up for this adventure, the kitchen should match the individual lifestyle perfectly bringing timeless design, high quality and comfortable functionality to this central living area!

Kitchen Assets
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A hands-on space needs a hands-on accomplice: The GROHE Baulines kitchen faucet brings individual style and functionality into the kitchen to make sure everything is well set-up to make not only beautiful meals but also wonderful memories.

Bau Kitchen

Kitchen planning made easy

With lashings of different product options to choose from, kitchen planning can become quite an overwhelming task.

Equipping the entire kitchen is simplified with the versatile Baulines kitchen faucet portfolio. These are not only easy to install but handle everyday kitchen tasks with ease and style.

Matching sink options in classic Stainless Steel or cool Granite Black suit the faucets in form and function and complete the personal kitchen design. It is as simple as that!

Kitchen faucets
kitchen faucets
kitchen faucets
kitchen faucets

One home – one design Coordinated design for all living spaces

Create a modern bathroom ambience in just a few steps

To extend the clear and compact design across living spaces Baulines facilitates settling into the bathroom as well. The clean, minimalistic look of the faucets turns even the smallest bathroom into the ultimate space of modern well-being.

Bau Bath

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Select matching ceramics and accessories to create a coordinated look and complete the bathroom design in detail. Making the creation of a contemporary, stylish bathroom as easy as a walk in the park.

Bau Perfect Match
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No matter how cozy the home is, in todays age, a cosmopolitan lifestyle is the rule rather than the exception. Even on the road, the generation of young frequent travelers and digital nomads knows exactly what they want: feeling at home anywhere on the globe.

This is why affordable, but stylish concepts that match the standards of the own home are sought-out when travelling and create the feeling of belonging.

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Especially with convenient accommodation on a budget, modern, space-saving concepts best complete hotels, urban hostels and trendy micro living concepts. The Baulines design reflects the contemporary style of their cosmopolitan guests and makes them feel right at home – the perfect base for all adventures to come.
Bau Microliving
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