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A Glass Of Water With

Sherif Helal – The merge of quality and sustainability in your home

The ancient Pyramids of Giza are a majestic timeless work of art that attracts the eyes of history lovers around the globe. These eternity-enduring 4500-year-old monuments are the heart of Egypt, with their ageless design and architecture. So, it only seemed fitting to have a glass of water with Sherif Helal; founder, and CEO of Taj Designs whose designs revolve around durability, timelessness, creativity, and innovation looking over one of Egypt’s greatest landmarks.

Taj Designs was founded in 2014 by Sherif Helal, with a main focus on design and using each person’s story to create their dream home.  Grohe took the opportunity to speak with him, and understand more about customers, their requirements and what they look for in their dream home.  He shed light on how recently customers are leaning towards smart options, especially after the pandemic. Nowadays, the customers spend most of their time at home, in particular their kitchens, making it necessary to have durable, sustainable, smart, easy to use and long-lasting products.

From a designer’s point of view, Sherif remarks that water is the most essential feature in any kitchen or bathroom design, he mainly focuses on the joy and ease of water usage as well as its safety, alongside the color and shape of accessories to fit the desired aesthetic.

He was thrilled to collaborate with Grohe, as Grohe provides four important pillars which he values the most: quality, design, technology, and sustainability.  All while allowing more safety, and aftercare service which makes him more confident about presenting Grohe to his clients.

Taj is always looking to evolve and innovate, especially with the major investments and developments occurring in Egypt such as the New Administrative Capital and New Alamein city, allowing them the freedom to create modern innovative designs, with major support from the government and the client’s increased awareness and interest.

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